Zach Britton said he is healthy and wants to help the team win the championship

Zach Britton said he’s ready.

“Wait and see, maybe,” the Yankees said. Minor rehabilitation was performed by the left-handed savior who worked his way back from elbow reconstruction surgery last October. The veteran has gone through all of this for one reason. To help introduce this team to the world championship.

“I have the opportunity and I want to help the team win,” Britton said ahead of Wednesday night’s game against the Pirates at Yankee Stadium. “We have a really good team. I mean it doesn’t affect my future. I’m healthy. I know if I’m healthy, the future for me will be fine. The reason I’m pushing things a little bit is because I want to show this year to this team to help them to Winning for no other reason.So there’s no point in me personally, other than the fact that maybe I can influence a world championship team.That’s really the only goal for me at this point in my career.I’ve got my contract.I’m 34.Vary My reasons are a lot more now than I was when I was younger. I want to win a ring that’s why I pushed this to come back and be an option for the team. So whether they activate me or not is up to them.”

The Yankees are indecisive about their roster’s moves. Britton made it clear that he would not waste time in the minor leagues. He’s a veteran who knows his body and his pitches, he’s wasting bullets there.

Aaron Boone seems to say the hesitation is related to how they trim their roster going forward. They are planning to activate Right hand Scott Evros Wednesday.

“We’re just in a crisis phase right now,” Boone said. “As much as he needs to protect the German again in the rotation on Saturday, he’s not running.. he probably has his full share of pitches. So we just have to see what we are up to from a coverage point of view, day in and day out.”

Woods is in the final year of his contract with the Yankees. He made only 22 appearances last season before being closed down for Tommy John’s surgery. Britton made 154 saves during his career and scored 1.89 ERAs in 2020, his last full season.

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While the Yankees may not have been relying on Britton, they desperately needed the help of a veteran Bulls game that has already been stretched due to injuries to Chad Green and Michael King. The Bullpen has struggled for the past month, giving up seven runs Tuesday night against the struggling pirate team.

“I think she’s trying to identify the best roles, positions, attitudes, and matches for them,” Boone said. “I think we’re going to have to do it on a match type where let’s have these guys play for these two hitters that we think are the best position ever. Again, I think we have a lot of really good things going on there and a lot of really good choices and different guys coming back into this mix that can help. But sorting out these roles and closing them and where you are best equipped will be important here in these last days.”

DJ LeMahieu came out to hit the field for the second day in a row. The player said his toe felt fine after he hit it for the first time on Tuesday, but the Yankees aren’t sure when he’ll return.

“It’s just a tough situation,” Boone said. “You know, it’s like you’re diving into the whole thing, let it go off? You know? Because that’s ultimately the beginning of the setback? So what’s the timeline? What’s the best way to do this work? I don’t really have that answer. Then. Eventually the rubber will meet the road and we will find out. But we have to keep trying and moving forward to make it happen.”

Boone said LeMahieu is keeping fit and so he will have to finish the season while he treats the pain. LeMahieu “probably” won’t be 100% this season.

Matt Carpenter who came out with a broken leg, cleared of starting to put weight on him and was able to track the pitches on Tuesday. He’ll need another shoot to help him start full baseball activities. Andrew Benentende’s wrist injury is ‘advancing’, but the defensive player is currently struggling with the weather. Boone admitted that the best-case scenario was for them to return in the playoffs.

Aaron Hicks left the club early before Wednesday night’s game with cold/flu-like symptoms.