WWE Superstar nominated for Pro Football Hall of Fame

Pat McAfee took a leave of absence from WWE, where he wrestled in the last two “Big 4” live events while on call Smackdown Every Friday with Michael Cole. he is take a break To focus on his other sport – football.

McAfee is a West Virginia University featured player who turned professional for the Indianapolis Colts in the NFL, working Saturday mornings for ESPN’s. Jamday College This fall. That (and a lot of his pigskin coverage on his daily radio/internet talk show) isn’t the only way Pat is still attached to the petanque, though.

He was also just nominated for the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Bon S Corbin’s opponent received the news while he was living Pat McAfee Show Today (September 20). His reaction is a good example of why people love Pat Mac…

“Is that real?… I don’t deserve it. I haven’t played long enough to deserve it. Wow man. How is that even happening?… No [vote for me]. Voice for Shane Litchler. This is one of those things – vote for Shane Litchler. It’s weird to be on this damn drawing…

“Man, that’s wild…holy damn. Don’t vote for me, but that’s cool to be admitted. I haven’t played long enough, and haven’t had a big enough contribution to the game, but I’ve been lucky to cover the game every single day since then.” And if any of those special teams go, I’m going to get excited about it.But it’s something I never expected…I hope Shane gets in, and I hope all the boys get in.

What a joke, dude. What an absolute joke… hey, that’s so cool… this is an interesting thing now, because I’ve judged this kind of situation in others in the past. I said, “Is it really, Or is it because someone is famous for that thing?” Whatever it is, it’s cool to be on this side of everything… It’s so cool and crazy. I don’t quite know how to take it all… that [getting into the Hall] would be crazy. crazy. Get Leechler over there… that’s a savage dude…

“Thanks to whoever put this drawing together and that list together. I obviously don’t think I deserve it, but someone did and put me there. Thank you I appreciate this. That’s cool, that’s cool. It probably won’t happen, it shouldn’t, but The fact that the conversation took place, I appreciate it.”

McAfee is right that it’s a long shot, but not because he only played eight years in the league. There is only one full-time player (Ray Jay) and two full-time kickers (Morten Andersen and Jan Steinrod) in the hall. As for her entitlement? He’s also right that this is probably a “no”. But while the Pro Athletic Hall of Fame isn’t an arbitrary popularity contest, the WWE Hall… they all have elements of that. If I got into Pat Mac, I wouldn’t be Madbadt.

He still has a long way to go no matter what. This list of 129 candidates will be shortened to 25 semi-finalists in November. The fifteen finalists will be revealed in January 2023.

Good luck Pat, but hurry to get back to real sports. And congrats, you are a talented but humble meth.