Will the deep combination of D appearance lead to unfamiliar trade?

Catcher / Diamondbacks Defender Dolton Farshaw He’s impressed so much on the field this season that his days behind the plate may be drawing to a close, Books by Nick Bikoro from the Republic of Arizona. Varshaw told Besoro that he surprised himself with how well he played.

A former top 100 potential player, the 26-year-old former potential player earned excellent scores for his on-court defense in 2022, scoring 14 defensive points saved and, according to Statcast, 13 above average and 12 points above average. above average. These are cumulative totals, so it’s worth noting that Farshaw has also spent 175 runs behind the board this year; Had he been a full-time player, those defensive signs would have been more eye-catching.

Farshaw, who says it is his personal goal to win a Golden Glove, added that he is not satisfied with his current level of playing off the field, citing some moments he missed (in regards to his outstanding reel efforts). Farshaw described himself as a perfectionist and spoke of small, incremental gains he could still make in his defensive game – “…[I]I can add an extra inch by not having to look at a wall and understand what I can do to get better…” — as part of his hoped-for development.

Of course, Farshaw is much more than a sturdy field glove. He built on a solid performance at the plate last summer and has turned into a .243/ .311/ .457 batting streak this season, hitting 23 home runs, 20 doubles and three triples while cutting eight stolen bases (albeit on 14 attempts). . It’s a solid, well-rounded skill set that could make him a key player in the middle or right field, depending on how the rest of the Diamondbacks’ young team qualifies.

Corbin Carolconsidered one of the most important sporting prospects – if not The HIGH POSSIBILITY – Prior to his promotion earlier this month, Arizona is giving a potentially high-impact talent to pair up with Farshaw for the long term. He went on to hit the streak combined .307/.425/.611 in the minors this year with .281/.324/.469 showing through his first eight league games, and now has 24 home runs and 31 steals among the minors. The major tournaments combined.

add likes Alec Thomashimself one of the top 100 potential clients before his debut this season, and is 25 years old Jake McCarthy, who has exceeded all expectations with his strong first campaign, and the outdoor group in Phoenix looks particularly promising. 22-year-old Thomas cooled off after a solid start hitting 249/.295/.373 on the season but he’s turned as well as defensive signs in the center. Meanwhile, McCarthy fights .288/.348/.455 with seven guards, 14 doubles, two triples, and 15-for-16 on loot bases.

It’s a talented, albeit entirely left-handed, group of outside players to build around. Having four players in three positions can sometimes make it tempting to keep spreading farshaw behind the plate, but elite play on the field would be lost in this scenario. Manager Torey Lovullo told Pisoro that there are no plans for Varsho to start behind the plate for the rest of the season, indicating a long-term move away from the position.

It’s a little early to call the left-handed quartet a real “surplus”. Thomas’ attack was below average, and it’s fair to wonder if McCarthy can maintain a production boosted by 347 balls in play – especially when he makes a solid connection with a below-average clip. The Statcast pegs the “expected” average hit and slow hit percentage at 0.259 and .367 — both very shy of their current scores. Carroll is one of the top five potential players in baseball, but he also turned 22 in late August, so it’s not inconceivable that he would immediately explode to stardom.

still, Ken Rosenthal is a sports wonder About the possibility of Diamondbacks using this group of defensive players to enhance rotation during the winter. There are a lot of teams out there that have outside needs and would like to have a controllable long-term player to directly enter the 2023 roster. Varchow is controlled until 2026, McCarthy is controlled until 2027, and both Thomas and Carroll are controlled until at least 2028. The Marlins are known to still be looking for their future central player and have plenty of fencing to hang around in conversations with their D backs. Arizona and Miami previously lined up on a plane Zach GalenThe Chisholm Jazz swap has benefited both clubs, although the Marlins’ front office has shifted a bit since then.

Trading from this quartet of outside players will reduce the depth of Diamondbacks, very likely in an important way, but they have a few other options on the 40-player list, including right-handed batting stone garrett, who made his MLB debut himself after a beautiful show at Triple-A. The free agent market will also offer many affordable short-term options for connecting with an offshore mix, and finding a useful complementary offshore player on the open market is a little easier than finding the type of potential leverage arm such as trading someone like Thomas can bring.

Although general manager Mike Hazen and his crew chose to go forward this winter, playing the squad’s young players will provide them with plenty of options. And with plenty of flicks elsewhere on the roster—Arizona is 26-19 since the All-Star break, a win percentage of 0.578—the D quarterback could be an unusual move or two away from reasserting themselves in the Western National League. Faster than most people expect.