Why Espen Jorstad wants to be a healthy ambassador and grow poker in Norway

Now that I’m a world poker champion, 2022 World Series of Poker (WSOP) Main Event winner Espen Gorstad You hope to be a positive ambassador who encourages a healthy lifestyle and helps develop the game.

Talk to Gorstad poker Jesse Follen In a lengthy one-on-one conversation she can be heard on poker news audio notation.

Drawing on that interview, the second installation of this two-part component norwegian gold A series that explores Jorstad’s life after he became Norway’s first poker champion. Part 1 We looked back at the time before Gorstad made $10 million and his amazing biography this summer that brought him two bracelets.

Read about ESPN Gorstad’s race at the WSOP 2022!

still drowning in

When Gorstad spoke with poker news A month after Swara’s victory, he said the time after the win was a bit of a blur.

On the first night after winning $10 million, Jorstad was put into Bally’s suite, and after two months of sobriety—”not a single drop of alcohol; I was (in) full grind”—shared with a group of friends and “became pretty off the line.” “

Espen Gorstad
Espen Gorstad celebrates his bars

Gorstad only slept two hours that night and three hours the next “because we were partying.”

“So it wasn’t good,” he laughed. “After that, I was totally exhausted. I was completely drained. And I still don’t think she sank properly yet. I still feel… She didn’t really sink, I guess. Maybe when I get somewhere and she can settle down.”

In the days following his victory in the main event, Gorstad said he was bombarded with requests for interviews and “People ask for a lot of things, like people asking for money, people asking for attention, sending me an[infinite]manual history that they want me to review.”

“I put my phone away for six days or something,” he recalls. “After the seventh day from the main building, I just basically turned off my phone.”

“I have everything I need”

Did Jorstad make any major or luxury purchases after getting the life-changing result?

He said, “Nothing.” poker news. “Nothing at all. And I don’t have anything on the list either.”

Gorstad, who eventually came clean that he “bought some little things that would increase my quality of life; only little things…nothing flashy,” said he “would prefer to have as little material possessions as possible.”

“I am very happy with my life,” he said. “I have everything I need. I think material possessions are some kind of hindrance.”

Espen Gorstad
Espen Gorstad

Jorstad said he is planning to buy a place to live in London after spending the past year “living out of a suitcase” and “will invest most of the money…perhaps a good mix of stocks, real estate (and) cryptocurrency.”

“I am very happy with my life. I have everything I need. I think material possessions are a kind of hardship.”

“I just want to prepare myself for the future,” Gorstad said. Showing off, like cars, watches and flashy things, that’s not really for me. I come from a small town in Norway, like 20,000 people. You can’t walk there in Rolex and Gucci shoes.”

Hot iron

After two weeks of “trying (trying) to get my head straight and trying to get organized” after the Main, Jorstad was ready to get back to poker.

“A lot of people ask me, ‘Don’t you just intend to spend some time? Chill out, go to the beach, go to Hawaii, and relax for a month? I’m like, ‘No. This is it”.

“A lot of people ask me, ‘Don’t you just intend to spend some time? Chill out, go to the beach, go to Hawaii, and relax for a month? I’m like, ‘No. This is it. We have a bunch of momentum now, we need to ride the wave and hit while the iron is hot,” he said. “Like, I’m relevant now. People want my attention and whatever it is now. In 12 months or something, not much. So I think it’s a good opportunity to work hard and try to build a great personal brand in poker, and it also helps grow the game of poker a lot.”

Travel to South Florida for Unlock Seminole Hard Rock Poker She played “some big tournaments,” including the $50,000 and $25,000 entry events, and finished 29th in the $5,300 main event for $23,255.

It was good, it was a fun ride and it was nice to be back playing poker again,” Jorstad said.

Next, Jorstad headed to the West Coast where he competed in the biggest cash games of his life on Huster Poker Live Stream.

“These are not very serious matches, it happened even though one of them was really great,” he said. “It was like $100/$200/$400/$800, the most I’ve ever played. So that was big. But those were fun games. Lots of fun players and a lot of kidding.”

Jorstad ended up losing $100,000 in the big game, but was able to win some back in the $5/$5 and $10/$20/$40 game.

“It was a little annoying because I didn’t feel like I did my best,” he said. “I didn’t adjust enough, the table was totally crazy. I didn’t run a lot of cash live…70% of the table were like billionaires who were like doing crazy stuff**. So I made some really bad edits, for what I believe “.

Slim ambassador

Gorstad interview with poker Jesse Follen’s place in bennon gambling hall In Las Vegas, the birthplace of the World Series of Poker and the place the main event champions love Doyle BronsonAnd the Stu Ungar And the johnny chan They made names for themselves.

Espen Gorstad
Espen Gorstad visits Binion

This was Jorstad’s first visit to a poker guru, and he took a minute to think about what he wanted his impact on the game to be now that he had blasted off into the world of poker stardom.

“I didn’t think much about legacy,” he admitted. “I kind of think about the short and medium term. I kind of want to be a good ambassador (and advocate) for poker players to be healthier. I feel like there are a lot of poker players who don’t care as much about their health.”

Jorstad continued: “Poker in general, it’s hard to combine playing professional poker with being healthy, I feel like that. Because you sit all day, especially if you play a lot of live poker, the food choices aren’t great. So I felt that too during the WSOP. It wasn’t cool and healthy.”

Gorstad said he believes his strong mental lifestyle and lifestyle, which includes “eating healthy food, exercising, doing some gratitude journaling, meditating and all that,” is what sets him apart from his opponents.

“I think that’s my main strength in poker, and that I have a very strong mindset. I don’t lean, I don’t bother. I’m kind of basically all over it, which is a good thing and a laugh.”

Jorstad said the players he looks forward to in poker and who “inspire me the most” are those who “take it all together,” Jason Kon As one of those players.

‘I feel some kind of responsibility’

While some of the main event champions have taken their life-changing degrees and disappeared from the public eye, Jorstad said he plans to spend the next year as an active ambassador, traveling to poker stations around the world and writing down all the events related to him. YouTube channel.

Shortly after his interview with poker newsJorstad headed to Cyrpus and played a full roster of top players as part of the 2022 Luxon Pay Mediterranean Poker Party And the Triton Poker Cyprusincluding one drop happened where is Runners-up finished to me Dusk Till Dawn Founder Rob Young.

A few days later, Gorstad was slapping the British casino owner in the face with a flour flake as part of a High Stakes Tortilla Slap Challenge Organize between him and a handful of other top players at the Mediterranean Station, where the winner will win a seat in the $25,000 Triton event.

Who emerged victorious in the high-stakes video-inspired satellite? Nobody but Gorstad, who proves to be an energetic and fun ambassador.

“If they (the other main event winners) don’t want to be a game ambassador or are happy with the $10 million or something else, they can do something else,” Gorstad said. “That’s fair, I don’t think there should be requirements. But for me, I feel some kind of responsibility to be a good ambassador now.”

I don’t think there should be requirements. But for me, I feel a kind of responsibility to be a good ambassador now.”

Jorstad has already experienced some of the downsides that come with being in the poker spotlight. In August, Jorstad had to address a swap dispute between him and Alex “Bundidi” Theologywho claimed that the two traded 3% in the main event and that he owed $300,000 of Gorstad’s total points, after he was approached and threatened in Cyprus by a “clearly drunk” man.

Neither player has any record or recollection of when the exchange took place and Gorstad said he had no recollection of it at all. The theologian, who said that he did not know the man who approached Gorstad in Cyprus, asserts that the verbal exchange took place, although he does not remember when and where, but told poker news He agrees that Gorstad does not believe there is a trade-off.

Much of the poker community sided with Jorstad in the dispute.

Growing poker game in Norway

In addition to building a personal brand, Jorstad aims to help more broadly grow the game of poker, especially in his native Norway, where poker and gambling are heavily restricted.

“In Norway in particular, the legislation on poker is very poor,” Jorstad said. “It’s not easy now, playing poker in Norway.”

Gorstad hopes his win in the main event will help Norwegian lawmakers see the positive side of the game. He noted that “there’s been some discussion (among legislators) after the Main now, so if there’s something that could happen there, if I win the Main that could really affect the politicians[to reconsider the poker laws]that would be amazing.”

“So I’m going to take advantage of this next year to try and be a good ambassador, play everything and do a lot of content,” he said.

Espen Gorstad
Espen Gorstad

What’s next for the newest World Series of Poker Champion? Gorstad said he plans to play just about everything, including the upcoming EPT London And the WSOPE Rozvadov Festivals and maybe WPT World Championship In the where In Las Vegas in December.

“But at least now, I will have my own place in London where I can take out my bag and rest and recover,” he said.

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