Update Michigan 2022-23 non-violating schedules

More schedules have been released with nearly every NCAA basketball schedule for the Michigan State Conferences made public and officially announced.

Let’s take a look at the non-conference schedules for Michigan State teams.

Highlights of the non-conference schedule for Eastern Michigan

  • Michigan (at LCA), November 11
  • in BradleyNovember 15
  • in AucklandNovember 19
  • Bordeaux Fort Wayne Challenge Cancun, November 22
  • At FIU, November 30
  • FAU, December 4
  • Detroit Mercy December 18
  • In South Carolina, December 30

Highlights of the non-conference schedule for Auckland

  • Oklahoma, November 13
  • In Toledo, November 16
  • Eastern Michigan, November 19
  • Long Beach State Championships in Nassau, November 25
  • in SyracuseDecember 6
  • In Boise, December 18
  • In Michigan, December 22

Highlights of the non-conference schedule for Western Michigan

  • In Minnesota, November. 7
  • In Rice, November 19
  • DaytonNovember 30
  • In Iowa, December 18
  • In Wisconsin December 30

Highlights of the non-conference schedule for Michigan

  • Eastern Michigan (at LCA), November 11
  • A house in Legends ClassicNovember 16
  • Virginia at the ACC/Big Ten Challenge, November 29
  • Kentucky in London, England, December 4
  • North Carolina At Jumpman Invitational, December 21
  • Central Michigan, December 30

Highlights of Michigan’s non-conference schedule

  • Gonzaga At the Armed Forces Classic in San Diego, November 11
  • Kentucky at the Classic Champions Tournament in Indianapolis, November 15
  • Vilanova at Japhet Games, November 18
  • Alabama At the Phil Knight Invitational in Portland, November 24
  • At Notre Dame at the ACC / Big Ten Challenge, November 30
  • Auckland, December 22

Highlights of the non-conference schedule for Detroit Mercy

  • At Boston College, November 11
  • Ohio, November 16
  • In FAU, Nov.
  • In Eastern Michigan, December 18
  • In Cincinnati, December 21

Highlights of the non-conference schedule for Central Michigan

  • In Minnesota, November. 18
  • High point in the SoCal Challenge, November 21
  • At CBU, November 26
  • In Michigan, December 30

Central Michigan, Michigan State, and Detroit Mercy have not officially released their full non-conference schedules at this time. However, non-conference games that we know of Michigan State’s Division I basketball programs seem to have some highly anticipated games for fans to watch this upcoming season.

The Spartans and Wolverines both face some tough non-conference opponents this season, especially against teams on neutral courts. Some major middle programs such as Oakland host strong five conference teams such as Golden Grizzlies which host Oklahoma State. There are teams like Central and Western Michigan playing the same team on the road as the Chippewas and Broncos travel to Minnesota to play the Golden Gophers.

Overall, this is a great time to be a fan of these programs as many mid specialization Programs in Michigan have legitimate chances of winning their conference and earning a place in the NCAA Championship this season. Combined with Michigan and Michigan, you can probably see four Or even five Michigan State teams competing in the NCAA tournament in 2023.

Winning games in non-conferences like Oakland, and defeating Oklahoma State on the road last year, could help any of the above team earn a higher NCAA ranking if they qualify for the tournament. These non-conference schedules should provide entertainment in November and December for college basketball fans in Michigan this year.