Tria Turner’s free agency won’t be threatened by the Yankees

Although the Los Angeles Dodgers don’t think much of the New York Yankees, who haven’t been in the world championships since 2009 and have always been frustrated in free agency since then, this offseason could prove problematic for Andrew Friedman & Company.

As many fans know, Aaron Judge, a potential AL MVP, is not a lock on a return to New York. The Yankees failed to sign the long-term judge this season, when they offered him a seven-year extension worth $213.5 million. The player rejected him and is now going through a historic season. Sorry, but that number is at least $100 million now.

This puts the Yankees in a difficult position. Do they want to rule out what they might consider a forbidden deal for the judge, who has been healthy for three of MLB’s six seasons? Or do they prefer to build an elite downtown area with their two top prospects and One of the stellar short stops hitting the open market in November?

Here’s a better question: Why didn’t they just do it this past season? Were they waiting for someone like Tria Turner or Dansby Swanson, perhaps? no! They’re just… ready to upgrade unproven players And the Lose their best, it seems!

If we believe MLB’s Ken Rosenthal the athleteDon’t expect the Yankees to compete for Turner, which could help the Dodgers out that long.

Should the Dodgers worry about Tria Turner’s free agency stalking the Yankees?

Although Turner said everything is on the table when it comes to free agency, Leave the door open for the dodgers. And if the league’s biggest market isn’t going after him in the off-season, that gives Los Angeles a massive advantage if the goal is to keep him.

Bottom line: Even if the Yankees lose a judge, they are unlikely to bid at free agency for one of the biggest potential free agents — Tria Turner, Dansby Swanson, and if they pull out, Correa and Xander Bogarts, if they pull out,” Rosenthal wrote.

Unlike Yankees, no matter what the needs, Dodgers always find themselves creatively exploring options to upgrade with their resources. The myopic front office led by Brian Cashman in the Bronx couldn’t say the same.

There’s a reason the Dodgers are the new gold standard in MLB. The Yankees have allowed them to operate and thrive unchecked for the better part of the past decade, and Los Angeles have benefited at every turn.

This is constantly amplified as a potential World Championship match, but only one side has achieved at the end of the deal, both in the off-season and on the field.