Top 3 bets from Tuesday’s roster, including Twins vs. Royals, Cardinals vs. Padres (September 20)

It’s Tuesday and Major League Baseball is the only game in town. There are plenty of major matches between the playoff contenders as the season draws to a close until October.

We have 16 matches on the list the totalincluding a double header between a file Diamondbacks And the DodgersOur analysts are three of them: mets against. bruerAnd the twins against. Royals And the basics against. parents.

Here are our top bets from tonight’s MLB roster.

MLB Odds and Choices

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Mets vs. Brewers 7:40 PM ET
Twins vs Royals 8:10 PM ET
Cardinals vs. Padres 9:40 PM ET

Mets vs. Brewers

pick or pick Willie Adams over 1.5 total bases (+120)
the book kings
jugs Carlos Carrasco vs Aaron Ashby
the first show 7:40 PM ET

Nicholas Martin: Over the course of September, Willie Adams is starting to push him into high gear for the Brewers, who look likely to break out of a fifth playoff berth in a row.

Adames hit 0.549 throughout September, with 11 more hits in 71 at-bats so far.

Adames has also been swinging very effectively for a right-handed hitter this season at .482 and will match Tuesday’s Carlos Carrasco, who allowed a .496 average on the road to the right-handed hitter.

Adames has historically dominated Carrasco with five strokes in seven bats including Homer entering tonight’s game, and it seems very likely that tonight’s strong numbers will continue to look for every player’s divisions over the course of the season.

DraftKings Adames opened at +120 to score over 1.5 bases in this contest, and I think we have value in playing up to +115.

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Twins vs Royals

pick or pick The first five rounds of the Royals -105
the book BetMGM
jugs Dylan Bundy vs. Zack Grenk
the first show 8:10 PM ET

Jules Posner: The Minnesota All twins have been eliminated from the central Playoff Picture This is a great time for kansas City Royals jump on a depressed ball club.

As intimidating as Zack Greinke’s support can be, he’s been a reliable at-home option for the Royals this season, posting a 1.93 ERA and 2.86 FIP. He’s like a ninja in how he can use his surroundings to his advantage at Kauffman Stadium.

On the flip side, Dylan Bundy is all but the opposite of the ninja on the road this season. He’s been hit for 5.28 ERA and 4.51 FIP on the road. He will also face offense due to positive retraction.

Right now, the crime of the royal family was the last WRC+ Against RHP at home over the past two weeks, but that’s a small sample and there are numbers to suggest they might be raising some insults on Tuesday night.

They have the second highest BB% and the third lowest baby During this period, which means that they create registration opportunities, however, they were not able to publish the plays.

Although the Royal Family games fold has been pretty bad this season, it’s actually in pretty good shape right now. However, it is still safer to take it out of the equation completely.

F5 from The Royals’ money line It falls at -105 in some books and should be a play for -115.

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Cardinals vs. Padres

pick or pick Cardinals total over 3.5 (-110)
the book Caesar
jugs Adam Wainwright vs. Mike Clevenger
the first show 9:40 PM ET

DJ James: Mike Clevenger had a terrible season with the San Diego Padres. He had a worse second half at 5.33 ERA. Overall, its ERA is 4.47 against 4.64 xERA. He will face Adam Wainwright and the St. Louis Cardinals on Tuesday night.

Last month, the Cardinals had 112 rupees + stop from the right pitch. They have seven rackets with .320+ xwOBA. That should be more than enough against a struggling Clevenger.

Nothing seems to be going well for Clevenger. It has a below-average strike rate, which has fallen since 2019 from 33.9% to 19.7%. Its rate of severe damage ranks in the 31st percentile, and the barrel percent ranks in the 13th percentile. Simply put, teams are bombing him, and he’s not getting better at it.

In his three starts in September, Clevinger only made 13 1/3, allowing 15 points earned over 21 starts. That’s unfortunate for a man who will be up against one of St. Louis’ top right-wing strike teams.

The total of the Cardinals team has a lot of value. Take their team’s total to 3.5 (-110), and play to 4.5 (-115).

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