Top 25 pre-season power rankings for the 2022-23 season

NCAA Basketball Xavier Musketeers Striker Jack Nunge Katie Stratman-USA TODAY Sports

We’re finally in September and about 60 days until the start of the 2022-23 NCAA basketball season. This means that it is quite time to start previewing both teams and conferences. That includes looking at the sport in its entirety, in great pre-season order.

After a slew of transfers, new freshmen and major training changes, the rosters are finally finalized (unless Memphis adds someone else out of the gate) for the upcoming season. So I’m going to rank the top 25, including some honorable mentions as well. This piece will assume that all transfers will be eligible to play unless already announced otherwise.

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Honor No. 30 – Virginia Cavaliers

The Cavaliers have brought back all of their key players from last season, including leading scorer Jayden Gardner and backyard duo Reese Beckman and Kei Clark. They’ve also added Ohio’s move, Ben Vander Place, along with their top 15 incoming employment categories. It will be interesting to see which newcomers actually break the set spin, and the three-point shooting issues need to be fixed before they can become a top 5 team.

Majesty No. 29 – Oregon Ducks

The return of All-Pac’s 12-point goalkeeper and lead scorer Will Richardson stabilizes a changing backcourt around him. Transfer guards Jermaine Quesnard and Kishon Barthelemy were double-digit scorers in their previous positions, while Brennan Rigsby and Tyrone Williams are Junior College’s top scorers. New five-star Kel’el Ware may be the best player on the team, but with returning big man N’Faly Dante is a question.

Majesty No. 28 – Illinois Fighting Illini

Illini may have the largest floor/ceiling separation, with a potential top 10 and an overall low point of 0.500. The major transfers (Matthew Mayer and Terrence Shannon) will have much larger roles compared to their previous positions and freshman wing RJ Melendez is a standout candidate. There’s a lot to love with their defensive capabilities, but will true base guard Skye Clark be ready to attack? And could a front yard replace anywhere near the production of All-American Kofi Cockburn? The main questions that you will need to answer.

Majesty No. 27 – Dayton Flyers

After a dismal start to last season, last season’s youngest NCAA basketball team won 24 games and nearly reached the NCAA Championship. Big man and main scorer DaRon Holmes is a national candidate, while point guard Malachi Smith is also one in the Atlantic 10. The backyard as a whole will need to improve in the scoring department after none of them hit the double-digit average but Dayton will. that. be a problem playing the league.

His Majesty No. 26 – Xavier El Forsan

Xavier returns as MVP from last season (Jack Nunge) and MVP from the previous year (Zach Freemantle). If new coach Sean Miller can find a way to make the pairing work, it will be a competitor from the Big East. Guard Colby Jones is one of the most versatile players in the country, while UTEP transfer Soleil Boom is able to manage the attack. The frontal area rotation is what needs to be determined, but there is a good talent for the new HC to work with.