Tom Brady throws another tablet, plus more highlights from Bush’s win over the Saints

New Orleans – at least Tom Brady He can joke about his temper tossing the tablet.

Television cameras have captured midfielder Bocas angrily throwing a Microsoft Surface tablet to the floor on the sidelines amid the team’s offensive struggles on Sunday before. Tampa Bay He managed to win 10-10 at saints. He did the same last December during the 9-0 loss to the Saints, a move he said could result in him being fined by the league the next time he does so.

In Brady’s classic post-victory “W” video posted to Twitter, Brady at least had a sense of humor about his revolution.

“Sorry for breaking that tablet,” Brady said. “I think this would be another Twitter photo or something.”

The Bucs are 2-0, but Brady has reasons to be frustrated with his first two games. He has only two touchdown passes in two games, matching his lowest production for Weeks 1 and 2 in a season in which he played both games. Then again, the last time he only got two passes in his first two games was in 2014, and he was patriots He went on to win the Super Bowl that season (by beating Seahawks).

Also, Tampa Bay’s various injuries seem to cluster in two locations most likely to frustrate the quarterback: stepping in and receiving. Bucs was without Chris Goodwin (hamstrings) and Julius Jones (knee) on Sunday, then finished the match without the highest receiver Mike EvansWho was he He was kicked out of the game after getting into a fight between the two teams. This means that backup receivers are in key roles. Scotty MillerFor example, he had eight goals from Brady on Sunday after hitting nine goals from Brady in the entire 2021 regular season.

If the receiver’s situation wasn’t complicated enough, the Bucs played on Sunday without starting the left tackle Donovan Smithwho was sidelined due to an elbow injury, then replaced, Josh Wells, missed the entire second half after a calf injury. That’s on top of the retirement of the left Pro Bowl guard on Marbet this spring and the Pro Bowl center – Ryan Jensen A knee injury on the second day of training camp could sideline him all season.

“All the guys out there fought hard,” said Brady, who finished his comments less than two minutes later on the podium. “(The Saints) is a really tough team, a really good coach, a team we really struggle with, so it’s good to win.”

Berryman advances again

The Bucs’ impressive receiver depth was already tested this season, as they finished Sunday’s game without the top three receivers. Which player steps the most under difficult circumstances? Prishad Berryman, who broke up in the end zone and grabbed 28 yards from Brady in the fourth quarter to give the Bucs their first lead (10-3).

“Honestly, I just try to take advantage of every opportunity,” Berryman said. “I never know when the ball will come my way. It is out of my control. When it is in the air and it comes my way, I expect to be successful.”

Berryman had a rough 1 week in Dallas, losing 7 yards in the final round and not being able to capture three. He has a knack for making the most of his touchdowns, having last scored 58 yards in overtime to give the Bucs a big win over the Invoices in Tampa last season.

Evans vs. Lattimore, again

Five years ago, Evans stopped himself in one game for a head injury by Saints Marshawn Lattimore at the Caesars Superdome where he saw the quarterback – then James Winston – Approaching a physical altercation on the sidelines. Sunday’s big fight, which eventually began a 17-point streak for the Bucs to pull back to victory, under very similar circumstances, this time with the participation of Brady and Evans, pushed Lattimore to the ground.

“All I see is punching Lattimore (Bucs RB Leonard Fortnite) in the face and then pushed Tom. “That’s all I saw, so I pushed him,” Evans said in the locker room after the game.

Evans and Lattimore were left out for the rest of the game, and Bucs’ future and co-leader were confident he wouldn’t be suspended this time, acknowledging that the shot he took five years earlier was even worse.

“No, no, no, no,” Evans said. “That was terrible. (In) 2017, I wasn’t taken out, and that was really a cheap shot. It wasn’t. My colleague punched him in the face, and I pushed him down.”

Bux’s coach Todd Bulls was asked if he was concerned that Evans could be suspended from playing at home this week against PackersHe said he did not see the whole incident to know for sure.

“I hope that doesn’t happen,” Bowles said of any potential comment. “We’ll see what happens with the league. Again, I haven’t seen the tape. I don’t know exactly what happened to say I can or can’t lose the guy. We’ll see.”

Walton treads admirably on the left entry

A week ago, Brandon Walton had done something humble NFL He debuted with four shots on special teams in the Bucs’ inaugural win in Dallas. But when Wells went down with a calf injury just before the break, the third-year pro from Florida Atlantic entered a crucial point, protecting Brady’s blind side during a left tackle throughout the entire second half.

“I prepared myself all bootcamp and all week just for this situation,” said Walton, a rare local native on the Boss team roster from Seminole High in Pinellas County. “So when that happened, I’m like, ‘Okay, this is my time. Do what I learned to do. Rely on my teammates. Everyone helped me and gave me some good grace, and I got out there and did what I had to do. It turned out to be good.”

Walton, who missed the 53-player roster that was cut short with the Bills in 2020 and Steelers In 2021, he spent last season on the Bucs coaching staff, making the final cut this year after a season-ending injury. Aaron Steni. He’s shown enough versatility to handle the work on guard and handling, and could be back in huge position this week if Smith and/or Wells don’t come back from their injuries.

Lucky 13 For Bock Offense

Tampa Bay won Sunday’s game despite only losing 13 total on offense, including just four in the first half without a goal.

It is rare for a Buc to win although chains are moved very rarely; They entered the game 1-15 when they finished the game with 15 touchdowns first or fewer all the way back to December 2013. Across the NFL last season, teams with 13 touchdowns or fewer went 9-40, winning just 22 percent of time. . For the Saints, they’ve come in at 18-1 since 2010 when they carried their opponent to 13 first touchdowns or fewer.

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The Bucs are back on defense after another dominant performance in New Orleans

Winning such first few defeats is a rarity with Brady in the quarterback. In his 23-year career, he’s won only five times with 13 first or fewer losses in a career that has now racked up 279 wins, including playoffs.

The NFL’s record for the fewest first defeats in a victory? That mark is just three, set by the Texans in their 2002 expansion season, in a 24-6 win over the Steelers that featured three interceptions that came back for touchdowns.

(Photo by Tom Brady: Stephen Low / USA Today)

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