Tom Brady denies allegations of disrespect for Ryan Fitzpatrick

Keep guesses coming.

Tom Brady has revealed that despite insisting that he really is, Ryan Fitzpatrick is not the “mother” that went viral for his criticism last summer.

Brady said when asked by co-host Jim Gray On his “Let’s Go” podcast If it was already Fitzpatrick. “It wasn’t him.”

Amidst his return from his short retirement, Brady He was surprised by an unspecified team that was not interested in his services When looking for potential landing sites. He went on “The Shop” last summer — an HBO show hosted by LeBron James and Maverick Carter — to explain his process of picking the Pirates after 20 seasons with the Patriots. It quickly spread when he reprimanded a particular team for choosing to stay with the current quarterback – or in Brady’s words, “that mother” – over himself.

Tom Brady denied that Ryan Fitzpatrick was the “thinker” he referred to last year.
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Fitzpatrick, who was playing for the Dolphins at the time and now works as an analyst on Amazon’s new broadcast “Friday Night Football,” He recently confirmed that he thinks Brady was referring to him.

“I think I still am,” Fitzpatrick said on The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz. “I think I’m still that guy. If you go back to that…before the 2019 season when the Dolphins are trying to put together a roster that will help them get a better draft next year, so it wasn’t like it was an attractive situation for Tom anyway. So I’m not sure. of why he was so upset about it, but to this day I still think I’m that mother.”

In addition to being the ‘mother’ who heard ‘around the world, Fitzpatrick He was outspoken about the disrespect Brady showed him.

Specifically, the 17-year former professional claimed Brady ignored him and skipped the traditional post-match handshake between quarterbacks after leading the Bills to victory over the Brady Patriots in 2011.

Brady doesn’t know where any of it comes from.

Ryan Fitzpatrick
Ryan Fitzpatrick is now an analyst for Friday Night Football.
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“Oh my God, not that again,” Brady continued on the podcast, which was also co-hosted by Larry Fitzgerald. “Come on, let’s talk about Ryan. And I love Ryan, but somewhere he got it for me. And I actually spoke to Ryan Griffin, one of the quarterbacks, and he said, ‘Ryan is always everywhere. I do not know why.’ So I don’t know why it’s Ryan. Maybe Ryan and I need to talk.

“Ryan is a hell guy too, and I’ve competed with him. He’s a Harvard guy, now he looks like he’s partly homeless, and now he’s on TV doing what my future job would be, so I think Ryan has a good thing, I’m not sure why he needs to think about That. m after him or something.”

Brady also revealed that his much-discussed comments may not have been entirely serious.

“Sometimes I’m a little smart, and sometimes people take me a little too literally,” Brady said. “And I think my friend Maverick, he actually gave me some tequila before that show, when I was at the store, so I spoke more liberally than I normally would.”