Titans QB Tannehill has a ‘burning fire’ after losing the playoff

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) – Questions at Ryan Tanehill came in a variety of ways on Wednesday, as reporters tried to extract any remaining emotion from the Tennessee Titans’ last game.

The man who started his 11th NFL season on Sunday in the opening game against the visiting New York Giants didn’t bite.

Tannehill covered it in May when he revealed he needed therapy to deal with the Titans’ loss, marked by his third interception, with 20 seconds remaining in a tied game. He also covered the same ground at the beginning of the training camp.

“There’s no doubt I have a fire burning inside of me,” Tunnehill said Wednesday. “Yes, there is no doubt about it. But at this point, it’s a new season. What happened last year doesn’t matter. But there is no doubt that there is passion and fire.”

Tannehill became the scapegoat for the AFC top-ranked Tennessee, ending his season with these three interceptions. He was one of only three rookie players to start every game last season. But his 30 wins since becoming a starting Titans player are the biggest in midfield’s first three seasons.

Once he takes the opening shot on Sunday, Tannehill will set the franchise mark for most consecutive starts by the quarterback at 44, breaking the tie with the late Steve McNair.