This Pittsburgh Steelers crime is as pathetic as ever

two landings.

that’s what Steelers The offensive produced through two games of the 2022 regular season.

two landings.

Fifty-two minutes and forty-two seconds. That’s the amount of time the Steelers attack took possession of football in two weeks – by the way out of a total of 130 minutes of game time.

Thirty-two yards. This is the Steelers’ longest-running melee offensive game in two weeks. Did you bet any money on former quarterback and current runner-up Zach Gentry being the guy who won those 32 yards in a screen pass in the first week? If so, you would probably be much richer today.

The Steelers offense couldn’t have been richer in 2022. She was definitely pocket poor in that crazy and funny first week of overtime in Cincinnati.

If Sunday’s 17-14 loss to the Patriots at Acresor Stadium is any indication, this Steelers offense needs to be filed for bankruptcy, because it appears that there are no tangible assets that can be used to offset the debts they owe. Since the end of the 2020 season.

We keep hearing what opposing defenses do to neutralize the Pittsburgh attack, but what’s the plan to attack these opposing defenses?

Why was it the same unimaginative and helpless attack from nearly two calendar years ago? The Steelers are in the second quarterback, second in the back, the third different set of tight ends, the third different version of the offensive line, the third type of the receiving legion, and the second coordinator since 2020, but the offensive offensive is little changed.

Charles Davis, an analyst who worked on Sunday’s game for CBS alongside play-by-play player Ian Eagle, spoke about how the Steelers didn’t necessarily have to sit back and grab what New England had to offer in defense.

guess what? The defense never wants to give you a touchdown or choppy play.

In other words, you have to be more aggressive as an offense and attack the defense with what you feel is your strength. Dink and dunk’s style, usually ignoring midfield mostly, is clearly not the Steelers’ offensive strength.

To tell you the truth, it’s been a long time since this Steelers offense was effective, and I can’t even begin to form an opinion on what I think his strength is actually.

I have no idea what he does well or who the real stars could be.

Diontae Johnson is clearly a polished receiver, good enough to earn $18 million a year. But have the Steelers been able to maximize his abilities during his four seasons in the city?

We’ve seen a lot of great things from receiver Chase Claypool during the junior season in 2020; Has he suddenly forgotten how to be a dynamic weapon since then?

We’re assuming Pat Fryermouth is headed for superstardom as one of the game’s next tight ends, but will this Steelers offense destroy him before he gets that chance?

Speaking of which, receiver George Pickens seemed like a sure bet to contend for the Offensive Rookie of the Year award when he wowed everyone during training camp and pre-season; After a lack of use during his first two games, I’m afraid Pickens will turn to Tom Brady and smash every iPad he can get because he can’t seem to get it in any passes.

As for quarterback Mitch Trubesky and the criticism he actually directed? Can you blame the fans for that? They just sat and watched the same ineffectual offense due to them going through two full seasons of football. Why don’t they be worried? Why don’t they start cheering for Kenny Pickett to replace Trubisky and 5.1 yards per pass attempt?

As for the offensive coordinator, Canada died and the calls for his dismissal after two weeks? Can you blame the fans for that? They have seen from Canada what they have seen from Randy Fichtner.

You can’t keep feeding people bad food and don’t expect them to get heartburn.

Think about all the arguments that fans and the media entered at an inopportune time. We had endless discussions about potential midfielders from the start and even the backups. People got into hot water on social media due to the ugly discussions about who should be the third runner-up behind, due to the loud shouting.

Fans spent a lot of time worrying about who the swing style should be and whether or not Cody White would make up the team.

All the arguments on social media about this offense throughout the off season – eg, “Should they take the quarterback in the first round, or should they tackle the left?” All the emotional energy that people spend talking about football that you haven’t. Does it not include actual matches, and this is the offense you are addressing to the believers to start the regular season 2022?

A new crime looks similar to the old one?

People continue to refer to this crime as a work in progress. Is it really or is it useless work?

I know what my answer is.

Finally, head coach Mike Tomlin & Company has had several excellent picks on top-ranked players in recent years, starting with Johnson in 2019 and ending with Kate and Pickens in 2022. Fans have spent many days and nights paying tribute to these players. Guys and defend their abilities when compared to the stables that are organized every week by teams like the Chiefs, Bills, Bengals, etc. However, somehow, Pittsburgh requires these guys to be part of an outfit that’s meant to play conservatively. And make no mistake.

To quote from social media: Make sense.