This date in baseball: Next week, September 23-29

September 27

1914 – Cleveland Naps’ Nab Lajoie hits his 3,000th opening game goal with two heads, a 5-3 win over the New York Yankees at League Park 2. Lajoie doubled Marty McHale for the decisive blow.

1923 – Lou Gehrig hits his first home championship by Bill Percy of the Boston Red Sox. On the same date 15 years later, he reached the 493rd and last place of the Dutch Senator Leonard.

1930 – Huck Wilson hits his home turf twice with the Chicago Cubs, giving him a record NL 56 of the season.

1935 – The Chicago Cubs snatch the NL flag and win their 21st straight game with a two-header victory over the St. Louis Cardinals. The Cubs won the flag by winning the opening match.

1936 – Hall of Fame manager Walter Alston plays in his only major league game as a late first base substitute for Johnny Miz of the St. Louis Cardinals. He made one foul on two chances and hit his only bet.

1940 – Rookie Floyd Gable defeats the Detroit Tigers 2-0 over the Cleveland Indians. This was Gibele’s second and last win in the league.

1967 – Philadelphia’s Jim Banning ties the National League record with his fifth loss 1-0 of the season.

1968 – Bob Gibson of St. Louis makes his 13th close of the season for a 1-0 win over the Houston Astros. Gibson (22-9) hit 11 goals and didn’t walk with nothing and carried the Astros to six singles.

1973 – The California Angels beat the Minnesota Twins 5-4 in 11 innings as Nolan Ryan hits 16, including 383 of the season, a recent league record.

1993 – Randy Myers becomes the Premier League’s first editor with 50 saves in one season when the Chicago Cubs beat the Los Angeles 7-3.

1996 – Barry Bonds of San Francisco becomes the second player to hit 40 wreckers and steal 40 bases in one season. Jose Canseco was also. The Bonds, who had 42 players, stole their 40th base in the 9-3 win over Colorado.

1998 – Mark McGuire gives baseball a new magic number, reaching No. 70 in the St. Louis Cardinals’ season finale against Montreal. This was McGwire’s fifth home in a season-ending three-game series. McGuire’s 70th and last home run of the season was a streak shot over the left field wall on a first-court fastball from Carl Pavano in the seventh.

1998 – The New York Yankees win their seventh game in a row and end their amazing regular season with 114 victories. With a win ratio of .704, the Yankees (114-48) became the first team since the 1954 Cleveland Indians (111-43) to play 0.700 balls over the course of an entire season.

2000 – Anaheim’s Darren Erstad was 4-5 with the RBI in a 9-7 loss to Oakland. Erstad with 99 RBIs, he broke the major league record for RBIs in a single season by batting ahead set by Nomar Garciaparra of Boston (98) in 1997.

2005 – The Atlanta Braves clinch their 14th consecutive title thanks to Philadelphia’s loss to the New York Mets. The Braves started their record streak in 1991 – when they were at NL West.

2012 – R.A. Dickey becomes the first knuckleballer to win 20 games in more than three decades, hitting a career high with 13 attacks and leading the New York Mets to a 6-5 victory over the Pittsburgh Pirates.

2017 – 16th homeowner JD Martinez hit September during a three-stroke ninth inning race that lifted Arizona to a 4-3 victory over San Francisco. Martinez tied Ralph Keener’s 1949 record in the Premier League in September.

2017 – From worst to wild card, the Minnesota Twins completed a remarkable reversal. A few hours after losing 4-2 to Cleveland, the twins took the AL wild-card berth, the Angels lost 6-4 in 10 runs to the White Sox. After one season winning only 59 games, the Twins became the first team to lose at least 100 games and then make it to post-season the following year.


September 28

1919 – In the shortest nine-game game in major league history, 51 minutes, the New York Giants defeat the Philadelphia Phillies 6-1.

1920 – A grand jury indicts eight members of the Chicago White Sox for reforming the 1919 World Championships in the “Black Sox Scandal”.

1938 – Gabby Hartnett hits his famous Homer in the Glowmen in the ninth inning against Mace Brown to give the Chicago Cubs a 6-5 victory, their ninth straight win, at Wrigley Field. It was a major victory en route to the Cubs’ NL pennant.

1941 – Ted Williams goes 6-for-8 double-header against a Philadelphia A to finish the season with an average of 406. No player has hit 0.400 since then.

1951 – Allie Reynolds scores his second goal of the season when the New York Yankees defeat the Boston Red Sox, 8-0, in the opening game with two heads. The Yankees snatched the AL logo with an 11-3 win in the Cup of the Night.

1960 – Ted Williams makes his last major league appearance, against Baltimore’s Jack Fisher. Williams did not receive a curtain call, but ran to the left at nine and was promptly replaced by Carol Hardy and retired with a standing ovation. This was Williams’ 521st home run. The Red Sox rallied twice in the ninth round to take a 5-4 win.

1974 – Nolan Ryan scores his third of seven career goals, hitting 15 hitters and defeating the Minnesota Twins, 4-0, at Anaheim Stadium.

1975 – Vida Blue, Glenn Abbott, Paul Lindblad, and Rolly Fingers of the Oakland A-Team, combined without hitting the California Angels, 5-0, on the final day of the season.

1995 – Montreal Expos’ Greg Harris becomes the first bowler in major league history to play with both hands. Harris faced four players, two on his regular right side and two on the left, in the ninth inning of a 9-7 loss to Cincinnati.

1997 – Toni Gwin of San Diego equalizes Honus Wagner’s record by winning his eighth Premier League title. Gwen finished at .372, becoming the first player to win four consecutive Premier League titles since Rogers Hornsby won six consecutive titles from 1920-25.

2001 – Alex Rodriguez of Texas achieves his 50th run in an 11-2 win over Anaheim and becomes the 20th player to score 50 players in a single season.

2006 – James Looney sets a franchise record with nine RBIs, including a Grand Slam and a two-round Homer, to lead the Los Angeles Dodgers to a 19-11 win in Colorado.

2012 – Homer Bailey of the Cincinnati Reds throw seventh of the season, defeating the Pittsburgh Pirates 1-0. The seven-hitters matched the modern record (since 1900) for a single season, being tied in 1990 and 1991. Pittsburgh (76–81) asserted themselves for a 20-year consecutive no-loss season, expanding their major professional sports record in North America.

2016 – John Gasso hit the course and led in five runs in Pittsburgh’s 8-4 win over the Chicago Cubs.

2017 – Giancarlo Stanton returned twice to become the first player to score 59 in a season since 2001, and the Miami Marlins opened the last streak of Jeffrey Luria’s tenure as owner by defeating the Braves 7-1.


September 29

1913 – Washington Senator Walter Johnson ends the season with 36 wins by 1–0 over Philadelphia A.

1915 – The Philadelphia Phillies snatch their first Premier League badge, defeating the Boston Braves, 5-0, behind only hitter Grover Alexander.

1954 – Willie Mays famously shoots Vic Wirtz to midfield and takes Dusty Rhodes off Bob Lemon in the 10th inning to lead the New York Giants to a 5-2 victory over the Cleveland Indians in game one of the World Series.

1963 – Houston Colt’s John Basurik .45s, in his only major league appearance, goes 3-for-3 with three RBIs and four runs against the New York Mets. A back injury ended his baseball career the following season.

1976 – John Montefusco of the San Francisco Giants defeat the Braves in Atlanta 9-0.

1983 – Mike Warren of the Oakland A-Team delivers a heavy blow to beat the Chicago White Sox, 3-0.

1986 – Minnesota’s Bert Pelevin breaks Robin Roberts’ record of 46 stadiums in a single season in 1956 when he dumps two-placed Homer for third against Cleveland rookie Jay Bell. It was the first major league stadium that Bale had seen. Despite ceding two more visitors, Blyleven was the winner when the twins rallied eighth for a 6-5 win.

1986 – Chicago Cubs rookie Greg Maddox defeats the Philadelphia Phillies 8-3 in the City of Brotherly Love. The losing bowler was his brother Mike, who is also a rookie. This was the first time the brothers faced each other as rookie pitchers.

1996 – Brady Anderson of the Baltimore Orioles becomes the 14th player to reach number 50 in a 4-1 loss in Toronto. The previous season’s high was for Anderson 21.

2001 – Seattle’s Ichiro Suzuki sets the All-Star League record in a single season, but the Mariners fall to Oakland 8-4. Possessing his number 234, Suzuki broke the previous junior mark set by Shoeless Joe Jackson with Cleveland in 1911.

2004 – Major League Baseball announces that the Montreal Fair franchise will move to Washington, D.C.

2011 – The Tampa Bay Rays grabbed the AL wild card with a stunning run, overcame a late seven-game deficit, and then beat the New York Yankees 8-7 at Evan Longoria in the 12th. Reyes’ victory came four minutes after Boston won by one game in the ninth minute at Baltimore Stadium and lost 4-3. The Red Sox had a nine-game lead over Rays in early September. Boston became the first team to miss the post-season after leading up to nine games in a playoff in September.

2011 – Chris Carpenter and St. Louis complete one of the most impressive comebacks in baseball history, clinching the NL wild card with an 8-0 win over Houston and a later loss from Atlanta. The Cardinals earned their place in the playoffs when the Braves fell to Philadelphia 4-3 in 13 innings. St. Louis came after Atlanta by 10 1/2 on August 25. The Cardinals have won 23 of their last 31 games.

2013 – On the final day of the season, Miami’s Henderson introduces Alvarez as one of baseball’s most outlandish players. Alvarez celebrated in a deck circle when the Marlins scored on a wild court two in the bottom of the ninth inning to defeat the Detroit Tigers 1-0.

2017 – The Rockies of Charlie Blackmon set a new record for RBIs by a 101-lead hitter, with two home runs in the second half.