The top 55 freshmen to know as they head into the 2023 college softball season

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We saw players like Jordi Bahl, Sidney Sanders, Emma Lemley and more make an impact in their early years last season. As we head into the fall, we wanted to take a look at 50 names who might have similar productions as Year One players in 2023.

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  • Ms. Knowles, INF, Clemson
  • Sophie Garner McKinnon, RHP, Duke
  • Amina Vega, INF, Duke

“Amina ranks first among recruits in the program’s history,” said Duke’s Team Principal Marisa Young. “She is the No. 1 player in the 2022 class, known for her speed, slick hands, impressive softball IQ skills and leadership skills. Her versatility on the defensive side of the ball will provide us with depth in so many places. She is a coach among her peers, a student of the game, striving for Always to improve herself and those around her. Amina is one of the best front hitters thanks to her high percentage on the base and her ability to reach strength across the board.”

  • Maddy Bulk, RHP, Florida
  • Amanda Hasler, CI, North Carolina
  • Eden Bingham, RHP, Virginia
  • Lindsey Green, RHP, Virginia Tech

big ten

  • Lillian Valemont, C, Michigan
  • Bridget Donaghy, INF, Northwestern

“Bridget has been playing the game at a high level for a long time,” Northwestern coach Kate Drohan said. “As a player who can play any position, she is polished and has a lot of versatility. Offensively, Bridget will provide great power from the right side along with the competitiveness that makes her tough.”

  • Hannah Church, C., Ohio
  • Jordin Ramos, UTL, Bordeaux
  • Ava Cusack, INF, Wisconsin

big 12

  • Riley Crandall, RHP, Baylor
  • Kierston Deal, LHP, Oklahoma
  • Jocelyn Erickson, C/1B, Oklahoma

“Jocelyn is very versatile. She’s a left-handed, big arm and left-handed baseman, so she can do special things for us defensively,” said Oklahoma-based head coach Patti Jasu. “She can be a game changer. Getting her on campus and working with (batting coach) JT (Gasso), getting her strength up and working with athletes at that level would be very beneficial for her. Her way of thinking will be able to raise her game to a new level.”

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  • Avery Hodge, NF, Oklahoma
  • Rhys Atwood, CI, Texas
  • Lee Judd, Enf., Texas
  • Viviana Martinez, INF, Texas
  • Gabriel Rawls, Texas Tech

Buck 12

  • Olivia Dinardo, C, Arizona
  • Dakota Kennedy, Arizona
  • Sydney Somerdick, RHP, Arizona
  • Kelly Magee, RHP, Arizona
  • Gina Birch, INF, Oregon
  • Canadian Negari, RHP, Stanford
  • Mahler River, INF, Stanford
  • Megan Grant, INF, UCLA
  • Alexis Ramirez, C, University of California
  • Taylor Tinsley, RHP/UTL, University of California

“I think Taylor is the best bowler in the 2022 class…she has control of so many pitches in all areas with great attention to detail regarding spin and mechanics,” UCLA coach Kelly Inoue-Perez said. “It’s a real competition that will continue our strong tradition of excellence on the UCLA softball circuit. We’re excited to have her commit out of Georgia because she has goals to achieve excellence on the field and in the classroom. You’ll make an immediate impact when you step onto campus.”

  • Jordan Woolery, INF, UCLA
  • Robbie Milan, RHP, Washington


  • Abby Ducherer, INF, Alabama
  • Hannah Cumminsend, LHB, Arkansas
  • Reagan Johnson, Arkansas
  • Atalia Rego, INF, Arkansas

“Atalia is a quarterback with some of the best hands in the game. She’s a left-hander who swings with a big racket,” Arkansas coach Courtney Deville said. “Atalia has her playing prowess and competitive ability that makes her one of the best players in the 2022 class.”

  • Kayla Pollard, INF, Florida
  • Jayden Goodwin, INF, Georgia
  • Destin Howard, RHP, Georgia
  • Chelsea Mac, Kentucky
  • Massey Bergeron, C, LSU
  • Sydney Perzon, RHP, LSU
  • Josephine Marron, RHP, Mississippi
  • Natalie Ray, Ole Miss
  • Taylor Bannell, INF, Tennessee
  • Carlin Pickens, HP, Tennessee
  • Ayanna Coleman, INF, Texas A&M
  • Amari Harper, UTL, Texas A&M
  • Kelly Williams, Texas A&M

Five players are not strong

  • Kayla Perry, RHP, James Madison

“Kellah Berry is a true spinning pitcher who excels at mixing positions and speeds to keep hitters balanced,” said Lauren LaPorte, head coach of James Madison. “She has competed at a very high level in travel ball and we look forward to seeing her develop and compete here at JMU.”

  • I met Davis, Louisiana
  • Kylie Griffin, INF, Louisiana
  • Aubrey Evans, INF, UCF