The small camp for the junior national team in the USA for basketball, after a 3-year hiatus, returned to include 62 players

NBA has invited 62 of its best high school basketball players to its junior camp for the junior national team, scheduled for October 7-10 in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

This is the first time in three years that this event has been held due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Some of the best young players in the NBA, along with others due to be selected in the following drafts, attended the final camp in 2019, including Chet HolmgrenAnd the Jabbari SmithAnd the Evan MobleyAnd the Scotty BarnesAnd the Galen GreenScott Henderson and DJ Wagner.

“This camp has been an important part of our national junior national team’s development, and we’re really excited to be back in it again,” NBA coach Shaun Ford told ESPN. “The world is improving at a faster rate than we are, so we need to keep improving with more camps, continuity and education. It’s getting harder and harder – we won’t go on beating forever at U16 and U17 levels as we’ve been since 2009.”

“This is a very important weekend for us, as well as for our athletes to test themselves and continue learning how to play with other good players.”

NBA will conduct drills, practices, competitive brawls, educational programming and life skills development throughout the weekend, along with sessions dedicated to parents of elite prospects to help support their children’s development on and off the court.

The fact that attendees are trying to join future NBA teams, as well as other camps and event invites, creates an extremely demanding atmosphere where players often encounter the strongest level of competition they have seen up to this point in their careers. Most first-time players will be evaluated by NBA teams, who are allowed to send one representative each to explore the event, although they are not expected to be able to recruit players straight from high school again for many years, if at all.

Twenty-one players who are currently rated five-star in the ESPN 2023, 2024 and 2025 employment rankings are scheduled to attend. In the past, lesser known forecasts such as Holmgren, Jaden Ivy And the Anthony Edwards They used the event platform to launch themselves into a greater national appearance.

The 62 attendees will be split into two groups, the older and younger players, in separate sessions. The discerning can put themselves in mind for the two FIBA ​​USA Basketball events that will take place next summer, the U16 FIBA ​​Americas Championship, and the FIBA ​​U19 World Cup, along with the Nike Hoop Summit scheduled for Portland next April.

Some of the top prospects include the top 10 high school seniors Justin Edwards, Omaha Bailey and Ron Holland. From the junior class, the top 10 recruits were confirmed to be Ian Jackson, Carter Knox, David Castillo and Ace Bailey, while among high school sophomores, the top five recruits were Cam Bowser, Coa Pete, Darren Peterson and Bryson Teller. .

A lot has changed in the youth basketball industry since the last junior national team camp in 2019. There have been sweeping changes to the NIL rules, allowing high school players to earn large sums of money in some states, while G League Ignite and Overtime Elite have emerged as alternate tracks. Attractive college basketball for junior elite players.

American basketball is undergoing a transition at the junior level, with longtime coach Don Showalter, who won 10 gold medals with the U-16 and U-17 teams from 2009 to 2019, transitioning into an advisory role after setting a perfect 62-0 record. Longtime assistant coach Sharman White has led the USA Basketball Under-16 and Under-17 teams to gold medals at the Americas Basketball Championships and World Cup the past two summers. Former NBA scout PJ Domingo replaced Samson Cayode, who left for the San Antonio Spurs front office, as the primary link between the athletes and the USA junior national team basketball program in January of 2021.

The USA Basketball team has not lost a game at the junior level since 2017, when RJ Barrett and Canada defeated the Under-19 team at the World Cup in Cairo.