The player’s family was injured in a bunk bed in the minor league The lawsuit files are located

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah – The family of 12-year-old Easton Oliverson, who fractured his skull in August after falling from a bunk bed in the Dorm of the Little League World Series in Pennsylvania, has filed a lawsuit against the organization and the bed. Manufacturer according to court documents.

Easton, who plays on the field and plays at Snow Canyon, was in Williamsport for the Little League Baseball World Series when he fell out of bed in his sleep. He suffered a brain haemorrhage and fractures to his skull and cheekbones.

Easton spent two weeks at Geisinger Janet Weis Hospital for Children in Danville before being transferred to a facility in Utah.

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according to lawsuit Posted by ABC affiliate KATU and filed in Philadelphia County Court of Public Appeals, Easton’s parents, Jess and Nancy Oliver, filed the suit against Little League Baseball Inc. and Savoy Contract Furniture. Both are located in Pennsylvania.

Oliversons are asking for more than $50,000 for Easton’s care, along with punitive damages.

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The lawsuit alleges that Easton’s downfall occurred due to “the negligence, negligence and recklessness of the defendants.” According to the suit, the beds did not have a handrail on the loft bed.

The lawsuit alleges that Savoy Contract Furniture designed and sold “dangerous and defective” beds, resulting in Easton’s injuries. The lawsuit also alleges that the company did not do everything possible to ensure the family’s safety.

The lawsuit alleges that Little League Baseball Inc. It was neglected because it “allowed the bed to be in a dangerous state”.

During his time at Vice Children’s Hospital, Easton underwent surgery to stop the bleeding in his brain. His family said on social media that he also had surgery to put his skull cap back in place.

The family’s attorney, Ken Fulgenetti, told The Associated Press that he has since undergone three operations and battled a staph infection.

“It’s not working well. The most recent development, after the third craniotomy, is the seizures. It’s been a long way to go,” Fulgenetti said.

Before heading home in Utah, Easton posted a video thanking those who prayed for him.

“Please keep praying for me while I keep getting better,” Easton said. “I know that prayers and blessings have been successful.”

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