The noise of the crowds was a factor in the loss of the giants

Prior to the Week 2 game against the Carolina Panthers, New York Giants Defense Coordinator Wink Martindale and several players He called on fans to raise their voice.

Specifically, Martindale wanted Giants fans to be so loud that Carolina had to go back to the silent count.

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“I know New Yorkers are loud. We have to be loud in that stadium. They have to go on the silent count,” Martindale said. Come to our stadium. We’ll take care of the rest, and give you something to talk about out loud. But just be loud I can’t wait to see it.”

As the saying goes, mission accomplished.

MetLife Stadium was running on electricity on Sunday. This was the loudest stadium in a decade and both Giants coaches and players took notice.

“I thought the fans were great. Just driving in here from the facility and looking at all the back gates, all the drinks, all the matches they were playing, they were very comfortable,” said coach Brian Dabol.
“They had their shirts on — some old school jerseys, some new school jerseys. They were great in third. They know when to cheer, and it was definitely worth having them there. Looking forward to next week.”

“I feel like we’ve always had great fans even when we were struggling, but definitely a great credit to them coming out loud. I think we have two penalties because of them,” He said running backwards I’ll be Barclay. “For me, being in Penn State, coming from that environment and seeing it in the NFL with the Giants showing up and helping us win means a lot and hopefully we can keep that thing rocking.”

“That was great. From the first quarter onwards, we looked around the sidelines, and I said to the other players, ‘That’s great to see this,’” said kicker Graham Gano, “The fans were giving away towels, bringing in juice and that’s special. I hope the fans keep coming and doing that and I don’t think they realize how important it is for us players to be there and support them. We couldn’t have played this game without them.”

Audience noise mattered exactly the way Martindale wanted it to be. Panthers coach Matt Roll admitted Monday that the Giants’ fans had taken the game’s outcome very seriously.

The Giants return to MetLife Stadium Monday night in Week 3 to host the Dallas Cowboys, and you had better think the fans would take over again.