The Keepers Send In The League Championship Team – For $130 Million Less Than The White Sox

The White Sox watches the Cleveland Guardians beat them and everyone else in the MLS Central.

Watching the youngest team in the big teams win a totally unexpected division title was an amazing experience.

which infuriates them.

“Embarrassing” is how one player excelled at seeing a team with $66.4 million salaries – ranked 27th in the major leagues and last in the division – so close to AL Central.

The Guardians have a six-game lead over the Sox, who have 13 games to play after losing 8-2 on Wednesday.

The Sox’s total salary this season, per Spotrac, is $196.6 million, its highest ever. It ranked seventh in the majors and was designated for the purpose of winning one of the “multiple championships,” as General Manager Rick Hahn said several times.

It might still pay off. But after making the playoffs for the first time since 2008 as a wild card in the 2020 season cut short for COVID, winning the title last season and establishing themselves as contenders for the World Championships in 2022, the Sox have steadily fallen on their faces this season. That leaves questions about the direction of the franchise and how much the core group and coaching staff, including manager Tony La Russa, will remain intact by 2023.

Cleveland went off-season and didn’t even try to compete.

But she won by playing well and applying strong, lively pressure on opponents that was palpable for the Sox team watching him on the other side of the field. The Guardians looked across and saw a team full of injury who were encouraged to move forward on the bases to protect their legs.

One Sox player said of The Guardians this week, “It’s [ticks] They won and they didn’t even mean to.”

By putting the ball into play, pressing their opponents’ defense with aggressive speed and playing a better defense than the Sox – and turning off the lights near Emmanuel Clase, Jose Ramirez’s top three candidate and general manager. Candidate in Terry Francona – The Guardians made the Sox look like foolish spenders in 2022.

“That’s a great team out there,” said Kendall Grafman, whose $8 million salary would become his $8 million salary, the second highest paid by Guardians after Ramirez. “This is a team we’ve seen all year. Terry Francona and their staff have done a good job with a group of guys who teach baseball for them and play a good brand of baseball.

“And it’s competitive for us every time we play.”

Compete with an 11-7 record against the Sox, including a Wednesday win and a 10-7 11 inning win Tuesday that clinched a head-to-head tiebreak.

“I would give some respect to that end as well, because they have done so well all year,” Grafman said. “They surprised a lot of people because a lot of people didn’t pick them up and they had that chip on their shoulders.”

The Guardians envision themselves being significantly less Sox on the payroll again next season, and you wonder if the Sox will be able to compete with them. The Sox roster is wildly unbalanced as two of the top three base men, Andrew Vaughn and Gavin Sheets, are doing their best but struggling to cover the ground while playing on the field, and needs will have to be filled at second base, starting rotation, off the field and rendezvous with Yasmani Grandal heading In the wrong direction in the third year of his four-year contract, $73 million.

Anyway, these salaries top the books for the following season: Lance Lane ($18.5 million), Grandale ($18.25 million), Yuan Moncada ($17.8 million), Liam Hendrix ($14.3 million), Tim Anderson (club option for 12.5 million). $), Eloy Jimenez ($10.3 million), AJ Pollock ($10 million, player option), Lewis Robert ($9.5 million), Joe Kelly ($9 million), Graveman ($8 million) and Yuri Garcia ($5.5 million). ).

The Guardians’ highest salaries of 2023?

Ramirez ($14 million), Miles Straw ($2.9 million), Brian Shaw ($4 million) and Claes ($1.9 million).

Sox boss Jerry Reinsdorf, the guy who writes paychecks, must be eco-friendly with envy.

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