The great Braves team has a clunker of the day. that happens

2. As the young players are grouped into long-term contracts, this organization should not reach its zenith.

Once again, we stress caution. When the Cubs won in 2016, it seemed like a decade of dominance was at hand. They did not reach another world championship, and now they are rebuilding. The Astros are stuck where the Braves were in the ’90s – in a great race, but only one title from the series. The Dodgers are bound for the eleventh consecutive season; Their only title came in 2021 with the short COVID.

The Braves played their way back into the championship, which is truly all the team can do over the course of the six-month regular season. They won’t sneak up on anyone in these playoffs. They should be one of four winners in 100 matches. FanGraphs gives four teams a better than 10% chance of winning everything, including the Braves. (No team, not even the Dodgers, gets a more than 17.1% chance. The playoffs, you heard, are a crapshoot.)

Entrust these brave people to consolidate October 2021 gains. Even without Freddy Freeman, this is a huge deal without real loopholes. (Although Matt Olson hasn’t done much lately.) Despite recent concerns about Kenley Jansen, this is among the best baseball games. They may have to beat the Mets and Dodgers to reach the World Championship, but someone will have to beat the Braves as well.

The Citizens, who didn’t beat many people, beat the Braves 3-2 on Wednesday. Before 2-0, the home team stopped hitting. Jesse Chavez threw the 1-2 change as Joey Meneses shot a mile to put the Nats ahead. Dansby Swanson’s 12-court at-bat streak ended by hitting him in a double game. In Michael Harris’ eighth singles game, third base coach Ron Washington flashes a late stop sign that Austin Riley obeyed. William Contreras, alas, had nowhere to go except for the back out.

Manager Brian Snicker said, “As a primary runner, you have to focus on the guy in front of you, nowhere else. … We can control the running of our base.”

Oh alright. The Braves were 13-4 in September. They won 11 of 12 against Washington. They deserved a clunker.

Back to the bigger picture. Last year, Braves won 11 games after the season without Ronald Acuna. he is back. Harris and Spencer Strider would finish 1-2, or 2-1, in the year’s rookie vote. Vaughn Grissom’s arrival came a year or two earlier than scheduled, but he’s the goalkeeper. Contreras played almost no role in the fall of last year; It’s going to be a big part of that. Kyle Wright played two games, both in relief, in the 2021 post-season; He’s on the cusp of his twentieth victory.

Snicker didn’t think last year’s Braves could go the distance until they beat Los Angeles in games 1 and 2 of the NLCS. After what happened next, and what happened over the past four months, he has a better feeling for this team.

He said, “I have confidence in these guys.” “Even when a guy isn’t feeling well, you know there’s something really good on the back end. These guys have been through wars enough. There won’t be any panic in them. They know what we can do.”

They can win everything. They did last year. This team is better than that team.