The Cleveland Guardians Have Hired Ernie Clement For Appointment, Welcome Will Brennan To The Show

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) – The Cleveland Guardians are still halfway through September, but that doesn’t stop the team from changing the roster.

The Guardians activated RHP Aaron Civale from the injured list and selected RHP Carlos Vargas to AAA Columbus Clippers on September 20.

But a significant number of the list’s moves came after 24 hours.

Companion player Ernie Clement was set for the task just five days after he scored in the game-winning round of second base on wild ground in the eighth inning against the Twins.

The 26-year-old was added to Cleveland’s roster of 40 players in November 2020, and made his Major League debut in June 2021.

Clement single-handedly changed the stigma of being a useful Major League Baseball player with his strong gauntlet and deep versatility both on and off the field.

I’ve basically seen him start as a fill in in third base or left field, but he’s come up second, a short distance away, and as a hitter and batsman.

Arguably his strongest suit was in third for Jose Ramirez, whose 15th show starts there.

The 26-year-old Rochester native even became a comfortable pitcher in two games—one of which was also listed as a backup catcher.

“Big Ern” came up whenever his team called him, “Whatever they need, I’m going out and trying to do my best…,” Clement told Knott in his post-game interview after taking the pile for the first time in his career.

[ Utility player to pitcher: Ernie Clement takes the mound for the Guardians ]

He’s the man his team can count on when it comes to defence, but his time on the board wasn’t exactly worthy of the spotlight… and that’s what influenced Terry Francona’s decision.

He was sent to Columbus on August 3 in place of Tyler Freeman, but was called up as the 28th man on the list on September 1.

[ Guardians promote Tyler Freeman as Ernie Clement goes to Clippers ]

With 145 bats in the 2022 season, Clement scored 200 AVG with 18 innings and 6 RBI – and only two of those board appearances were in September.

That was a downward slip from his stats last season when he only had a total of 121 bats, but he earned .231 AVG, 16 runs, 9 RBI, and three home runs (the first two in the same game).

He sent Tito Clement to Columbus every two years in hopes of improving his time on the board with his game, and ended up hitting .238 AVG with 13 times and 17 RBI in 21 games, including four home runs (which was his only in the season).

Overall, his career fighting streak is 45% lower than the league’s 104-game MLB average.

At one point in his college career at the University of Virginia (where he became the College World Series champion in his freshman year), he was statistically the toughest player in the NCAA.

He had confidence in his backing as well, saying his favorite was 3-2 as he puts pressure on the bowler.

This has lasted this MLB career so far with an average of 14.9% hits, well below the league average of 22.3%.

However, The Guardians called up RF Will Brennan to take Clement’s place on the roster and make his debut on The Show.

The 24-year-old’s 20th nominee was Cleveland’s 2019 eighth-round pick from Kansas State University.

Brennan’s first start came on September 21, the same day his contract was chosen from Columbus.

He got the call at 1 a.m. and flew straight to Chicago to meet the Guardians at the White Sox Stadium.

In his second appearance on the board, he scored his first major league and RBI success with his mom, dad, and grandparents looking out in the stands.

This helped the Guardians take their lead to 4-0 before they eventually won the match 8-2.

Two more moves were made on the last day of summer for the Guardians.

INF Gabriel Arias of Columbus was recalled, and Ricci Palacios was sent to replace him.

Arias, 22, has had more birthdays than she appeared on the billboard for 2022.

He had 19 AB in six games, most recently on July 4 for the majors, with .105 AVG two-round and one RBI.

Palacios, 25, compiled a 0.232 AVG with seven runs and 10 RBI over 112 AB.

On his final start at LF on September 18, Palacios made this great play with a hold to the left and a throw to the plate just in time for Austin Hedges to beat Luis Ariz.