The 10 most sinister stadiums from Tuesday

Each morning, the We Love Baseball crew reviews the most stadiums from the previous day’s games in gorgeous high-resolution GIFs. We want to give you the highest level of ugliness possible, so if you see a bad tone, please tell us about it. You can tweet Tweet embed Let us know, and we’ll give you a shout out here in the article if your tip worked.

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Charlie Morton Curve

Charlie Morton is approaching his 40th birthday, but he still throws one of the best broken balls in the league. Seven of his nine hits on Tuesday were court score, and his breaker had a 41% lead at CSW. The fourth started with a bad kick from Luis Garcia

Slider Aaron Ashby

The Brewers are fighting for their playoff lives and on Tuesday entered two and a half games shy of last place NL Wild Card. Aaron Ashby got his start against the playoff-related Mets and threw a pair of goalless innings in his short start. He stuck to Alonso’s house on a great slide down the area.

Colin McHugh’s Slider

poor Luis Garcia was on the wrong end of two bad pitches on Tuesday as Colin McHugh froze left on a fine ball from the back door.

Aaron Ceval curve ball

Aaron Seval took over the mound for AL Central’s leading guards as they tried to hold off a White Sox hopeful in the playoffs. Ceval started strong and finished the first half by breaking a big ball to Jose Abreu.

Joe Wentz’s change

Joey Wentz threw five and two-thirds goalless rounds on Tuesday night as the Tigers outplayed the struggling Oriole 3-2. With the loss, Baltimore dropped to five and a half in the wild card race. Wentz earned four Ks and put away Ryan Mountcastle in a cool change.

Luis Ortiz’s Four-Seam Fastball

Giancarlo Stanton had the last laugh when he hit the bazaar in a round of Grand Slam, but Luis Ortiz has shown he can withstand Yankee’s formidable lineup. Earlier in the game, the rookie immobilized Stanton with 100 in the knees.

Slider Patrick Sandoval

Patrick Sandoval beat seven Rangers over five runs to defeat their host Angels 5-2. Five of his seven hits came via the passer, including this one, to Liudi Taveras.

Slider Dre Jameson

Arizona turned to Dre Jameson for her double Tuesday night with the Dodgers. The good guy sprinted through five innings before allowing two-round Homer to Max Muncie in the sixth. Jameson outsmarted Muncy in their first match, with this disgusting slider.

Slider Shane McClanahan

Unfortunately, Shane McClanahan will be leaving this outing early due to injury, although initial reports appear optimistic that he will make his next start. He hit three before leaving and put Mauricio Dupont on a sloppy slide.

Slider Emmanuel Class

Emmanuel Clase has been called in for a 10th savings opportunity, but the White Sox will make a pair of runs to force the game into an 11th place. Klaas hit one in a walk, on the slider that fell off the table to Yun Moncada.

Featured image by Justin Paradis (JustParaDesigns from Twitter)