Explained: multi-club models in the Premier League, Europe and beyond

Why only have one club when you can own several? Team owners around Premier LeagueEnglish Football League (EFL), Continental Europe and beyond have been asking themselves this question for several years – and there has now been a seismic shift in strategy. Todd Pohley, ChelseaThe new US partner who made a fuss last week when … Read more

Chelsea sporting director research: Freund is a favourite, Stedtten also fits the bill

Michael Edwards, Luis Campos, Paul Mitchell, and now Christoph Freund. These are just some people Chelsea They are closely linked as they look to appoint a new sporting director. All suggestions, as it stands now, is that Freund, who has done well at Red Bull Salzburg, is the favourite. He barely underestimated the importance of … Read more

Chelsea: Jimmy Carragher and Thierry Henry criticize Todd Pohley’s arrogant All-Star game

Chelsea chief Jimmy Carragher described Poehle as “incredibly arrogant” as he suggested the Premier League needed to learn from American sport and play an “all-star game”. The US co-owner of Chelsea raised some eyebrows when he suggested an “all-star” game, as seen in the NBA and MLB, which he suggested could help raise money for … Read more

All-star breaks are big, tacky, crazy – the Premier League would be great

You have to hand it to Todd Buehle – the guy who knows the content. When ChelseaSpeaking at a financial conference in New York this week, Malik Slash’s new athletic director could have lulled the crowd to sleep talking about boring financial stuff. Instead, he decided to send the entire football world into an uproar … Read more

The World Cup has been decided amid the NFL, NBA, NHL, and CFB seasons

Would Americans give up NFL or college football to watch the World Cup?picture: Getty Images unbearable heat Qatar pushed the football world cup Outside the summer months for the first time in the tournament’s history. in 2022The Quadruple football football show no A new champion has been crowned by jackets It’s coming out of closets … Read more

Chelsea’s Todd Boley looks forward to the American-style All-Star Game in the English Premier League

Chelsea co-owner Todd Boyle has suggested that the Premier League should borrow from American sports by holding the North-South All-Star game in order to help fund England’s lower tier clubs. Boehly, a co-owner of the Los Angeles Dodgers, completed the acquisition of Chelsea this year as head of a consortium along with investment firm Clearlake … Read more