Joe Borough is not immune to the Bengals’ early offensive struggles – Cincinnati Bengals Blog

Cincinnati – As he does after every game, the Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Joe Borough He sat in front of his locker and thought about what had just happened. Seven months after the Bengals had an unexpected race to the Super Bowl, Burrow was on top of Sunday’s 20-17 loss to the Dallas Cowboys as he … Read more

Without Mike Evans, would the Tampa Bay Pirates have trouble against Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers? Tampa Bay Pirates Blog

NEW ORLEANS – While Tampa Bay Buccaneers players mentioned the receiver Mike EvansParticipation in Sunday’s skirmish against the New Orleans Saints helped motivate the team, its one-game suspension meaning it won’t be available against quarterback Aaron Rodgers The Green Bay Packers at the Bucs home opening Sunday. Bucs are really without broad receptors Chris Goodwin … Read more

Weapons Diversity Fuels Optimism About Washington Leaders Offensive – Washington Commanders . Blog

ASHBURN, VA – When Washington leaders needed a spark in the first quarter of Sunday, they turned to the receiver Curtis Samuel. He showed why Washington signed him two years ago, causing defenders to miss key positions with slalom here and slalom there, capping a first-engine touchdown. Later, the recipient was Terry McLaurin. The leaders … Read more

Washington captains Carson Wentz is more comfortable than ever, but will his gameplay change? Washington Leaders Blog

ASHBURN, VA – Leaders of the Washington quarterback Carson Wentz It has a level of comfort that may be missing in Philadelphia and Indianapolis. He feels satisfied with his family’s situation. They live in a rural northern Virginia town more than an hour outside the nation’s capital, which reminds him of his North Dakota roots. … Read more

Honeymoon, No More: Why 2022 is a Big Date for Gates’ Robert Saleh and Joe Douglas – New York Jets Blog

FLOREHAM PARK, NJ – New York Jets coach Robert Saleh loves to wear a black T-shirt with a 60% embroidered cut across the chest. No, it’s not the percentage of cotton in the shirt. It’s certainly not the team’s winning percentage over the past decade. (If so, the shirt would say 34%.) No, the shirt … Read more