San Francisco 49ers’ Trey Lance needs end-of-season surgery for an ankle fracture suffered by the Seattle Seahawks

Santa Clara, California. – Tree LanceHe crossed his season just under five full quarters in his first year as the quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers.

Lance broke his right ankle with 2:20 to go in the first quarter of Sunday’s 27-7 win over the Seattle Seahawks. to support Jimmy Garoppolo He substituted Lance and finished the match, resuming his starting duties with Lance now out.

Coach Kyle Shanahan confirmed the injury and said Lance was due to undergo surgery at the end of the season on Monday morning.

“It’s always tough, especially when it’s big like that,” Shanahan said. “You feel like a very bad person. It’s sad but you don’t have time to sit there and think about it. You have to get right back into the game, and the guys have done a really good job. I’m really happy with the win, but he’s going to feel bleak as soon as you get into the locker room.” .

When the Niners returned to the locker room after the win, Shanahan struck a similar tune with his team, telling him to be proud of the win but to take a moment to keep Lance in his thoughts.

Lance’s injury came in the second round of the area reading game in which he had the option of handing it over to the receiver Ray Ray McCloud Or keep it by itself and play it in the middle. Lance picked the latter and, after gaining 2 yards, hit the Seahawks’ linebacker Cody Barton. Lance fell awkwardly and his right ankle seemed to flex under him.

At first, Lance seemed ready to come back and center Jake Brindle He tried to help him, but he quickly returned and I brought the cart to help him out of the field. Lance’s right leg was also set up in the air as his teammates poured onto the field to provide encouragement.

Most of the 49ers and Shanahan knew right away that Lance had suffered a serious injury and expected the worst as the second-year quarterback was ruled out after just minutes.

“You can tell when injuries like this happen right away as they fetch the stabilizing items and take out the wagon,” treat her Mike McClinchy He said. “It’s a traumatic moment for anyone on the football field, and it can happen to anyone. Unfortunately, it happened to him in that play and we are praying for him and hopefully he gets better.”

Lance was 2 of 3 passes for 30 yards and had three stands for 13 yards before the injury.

After leading the Niners in lunge attempts (13) and yard (54) in a Week 1 loss to the Bears, Lance spoke at length on Wednesday about the differences between college and the NFL and the need to protect himself when running, noting that he was no longer “bigger, faster, stronger.” than anyone else.”

In 2021, Lance started only two games, and suffered a left knee sprain in a loss to the Arizona Cardinals in his first start. He also dealt with a broken finger he sustained in a pre-season game. That small sample of play and exposure was an important factor in the Niners’ decision to bring back Garoppolo.

It also raised questions for Shanahan after Sunday’s game about Lance’s use of running as it relates to maintaining his health.

“Anytime a guy gets hurt I wish I could call him [a different play]Shanahan said. But this is something we were going to do and something we will continue to do. It’s a football we believe in and something that gives him a chance to succeed in this league.”

After the match, Garoppolo called for a return to the starting role to be something of a “full circle” moment. Despite not taking any reps with the primary offensive since January and not participating in training or meetings through all boot camp while rehabilitating his surgically repaired right shoulder, Garoppolo said returning to center for the Niners was “like riding a bike.”

Garoppolo seemed instantly healthy and comfortable, completing 8 of 11 passes for 106 yards and landing in the first half after replacing Lance. He finished 13 of 21 for 154 yards and a touchdown, adding a TD to San Francisco scoring.

“It was just about getting the shoulder ready,” Garoppolo said. Mentally, I knew the scheme. Some of the new plays took a while to learn and there are always some new wrinkles in the attack, but mostly it was just, ‘Once my shoulder was good, I was ready to roll.’ “

And now Garoppolo will have to be ready for the rest of the season as he regresses to the role he’s held for most of the past five years, with the rookie Brooke Purdy as his backup. In the process, Garoppolo has a chance to recoup a large portion of the money he gave up in the rewritten contract he made with the Niners on August 29. This new deal lowered his base salary from $24 million to $6.5 million (fully guaranteed) with built-in incentives for playing time and team success that could earn him up to $16 million.

In fact, Garoppolo earned an extra $350,000 on Sunday, $250,000 for playing at least 25% of the shots and $100,000 to win. But Garoppolo’s mind wasn’t so much concerned with the win or the incentives as it was with his injured teammate on Sunday. Garoppolo underwent a lengthy rehab process on his own after sustaining a torn left ACL against the Kansas City Chiefs on September 23, 2018.

“It was a relief to be back there,” Garoppolo said. “I felt bad for Trey. I’ve been on that side in this league. It’s tough. Everyone has their share of injuries. But it’s bad for him and I feel bad for him, but he’s our brother and we’re going to pick him up.”