Rejoice: Tom Brady is miserable

Poor Tom.
Photo: Chris Graythen/Getty Images

Even over time Tom Brady defender – person He thinks the “scandal” is ridiculously exaggerated And that Brady’s like Trump has always been an exaggeration – I totally understand why you all hate him. (Unless you’re from New England or Tampa). It’s all too easy to despise him for a classic reason: he seems to have it all. Brady is a handsome movie star, blessed with a superhuman athletic ability that has allowed him to win seven Super Bowls, and it seems that he is not even nearly 20 years old, and has the ability to pinnacle of successthe beloved in her right wife. This is exactly the kind of person people hate! Quote from the great Albert Brooks Aaron Altman in Broadcast news:

The really annoying thing about Brady is that he’s never really gone through a real rough patch. His two biggest public hits – Deflategate and MAGA hat – were almost immediately followed by Super Bowl wins that put Tom on top of the world once again. He even let his beloved Patriots go and win another Super Bowl with Tampa Bay, seemingly to show he can. And in this final season, he retired – living another dream, reading all your glowing obituaries – then changed his mind and decided to come back and play again. (And the hawk cipherof course.) It looked as if everything worked out with Brady, as usual.

But, two weeks into the new NFL season, take some solace, haters: Nobody looks more miserable than Tom Brady right now.

That’s not because of his team’s poor performance: The Buccaneers are, in fact, 2-0 up so far, with two wins en route over the Cowboys and Saints. However this was it during Sunday’s game:

(To be fair, this wasn’t the first time he’s done this Throw a tablet.)

And that was Brady – whose cheeks have never looked like that… drenched? – Then.

For once, you wouldn’t necessarily want to be Tom Brady now. There are his troubles on the pitch: Despite the 2-0 record, Brady has had a very difficult first two games of the year, thanks in large part to depth issues in the receiver and offensive line. He was under constant pressure — and by “pressure,” I mean “half a dozen 350-pound men trying to grind his 45-year-old’s bones to dust” — almost every moment.

But the real drama happens in the domestic sphere. Multiple reports appeared Brady and his wife Gisele Bundchen live apart, largely because of a feud that made Brady – who Bündchen said she wanted to be more “present” with her and her children – not retired from football despite her wishes. (That’s not long after Bündchen interview with Vogue magazine In which she said Brady “wasn’t a deep dive person” intellectually. Not exactly a sonorous endorsement.) He recently had a mysterious 11-day (excused) absence from the Bucs during training camp and has already come to terms with his team He will have a holiday every Wednesday during the seasonwhich is a very unusual arrangement Kelsey McKinney described the defector accurately as a “quiet resignation”.

He looks, to the whole world, like a really miserable human being. Seriously, look at the cheekbones in this video!

It’s true that Brady is still great at soccer, and he can do a throw at the age of 45 hardly anyone else in the world:

But who wants to hear about that at this point? It’s cumulative time! Brady is finally in rock bottom now: stalked, stalked, lonely, frustrated, desperate for a vacation and definitely wondering why, exactly, he’s back to put himself through all of this. The moment you’ve all been waiting for has come:
Tom Brady is unhappy. And if Tom Brady isn’t happy, well, damn it, there must be a little hope for all of us.

Let’s all enjoy this moment, keep it well, and remember it well by February when he wins his eighth Super Bowl and poses with his adorable family and makes a post on Instagram and sells it as NFT. Brady always wins – that’s what he does. One should celebrate his rare failures, as they are, while one can.