Red Sox hand Reds 90 loss of the season

Ludlow has hit 18 hitters this season and his third hit for the Reds equaled a major league record. Cincinnati shooters hit 99 hitters this season, equaling the record set by the Chicago Cubs last season.

And Ludlow gave up two home experiences.

Boston’s first round came in the third after Ludlow retired in the first two. Xander Bogaerts and JD Martinez walked lined up one to the center. The ball and the midfielder will remove the wall at the same time. The ball hit the wall and the ball hit Snuzel’s floor as Bogarts scored in Martinez’s hat-trick.

Boston rookie, 23-year-old rookie Brian Bello, didn’t give up the race during his first 44 runs and 1/3. TJ Friedl finished it off with a home run deep-field right on the moon in the third set, and tied it up, 1-1.

Rob Refsnyder Bosox gave Bosox a 2-1 lead by opening the fourth inning with a home run on the second floor of the left field stands.

Ludlow gave up another home run, this one for Martinez with two wins in the fifth, to lead Boston 3-1.

The Reds spent the first five innings littering the base with sprinters, all stranded against Bello, who had a 1-6 record and 5.10 game-earned run.

They were 0 for 8 with the runners in the scoring center and stranded eight.

They loaded the bases with no hiccups per second, but Snuzel hit, hitting Jose Barreiro and Austin Romain to the floor.

Friedel moved up to third and the Reds put three riders at the base after Homer, but they didn’t score. Jonathan India walked and Kyle Farmer hit a double play. Jake Fraley and Donovan chose Solano, but Aristides Aquino made the decision to pick a player.

Snzel left the match after hitting a wall in the third game and his substitute, Stuart Fairchild, doubled to move away from the fourth game. He stayed there while the next three came out of the Reds.

The Reds received two back-to-back singles finishes in fifth place from Fralie and Solano – three hits each – but Aquino shot to the right.

The Red Sox missed an opportunity for more running in the seventh inning when they carried the bases by one against Dauri Moreta and Ian Gibaut. It ended when Martinez played a double game.

Bosox left two more at the base in eighth after Alex Verdugo and Sarr Rifsneider scored to open the game against Morita. Morita retired from Kike Hernandez on a pop up and Reiver Sanmartin came to retire from discus hitter Tristan Casas on a squibber to the mound and hit Connor Wong.

The Red Sox missed a chance in Game Nine against Hunter Strickland. Former Reds defensive midfielder Tommy Buffam took the lead with his second song, while Raphael Devers managed to get past the midfield wall with his 27th home run to make the score 5-1.

Cincinnati was facing the second worst hit (by earned run average) in the MLS, but relief pitchers Boston’s Ryan Brassier, Zach Kelly, Matt Barnes retired nine straight from sixth to eighth.

Straham died monument the ninth and was greeted by Fairchild with one song. Barrero hit, pinch hitter Spencer Steer and pinch hitter Alejo Lopez walked over four courts.

This loaded the bases with one from the outside and brought the potential binding playback to the jumble chest. India went in full swing, forcing on tour to make it 5-2 and ended a night you’ll see them.

Boston head coach Alex Cora called up captain John Schreiber to face Kyle Farmer, 0 in his last 17 games, hitting the sacrifice fly to make it 5-3. Fraley was first established and that was the case.