Reasons why the NY Jets have a favorable match against the Bengals

The New York Jets have a chance to upset the Cincinnati Bengals for a second year right now

Well, here we are.

After an unexpected win in Cleveland, expectations took a massive turn at One Jets Drive.

Proof of that is the way fans are looking at next Sunday’s game against the Cincinnati Bengals.

Pre-season, the Jets’ week three game was marked with an “L” in most season predictions. 4-13 New York JetsHe, many believe, would have no shot against the Bengals heading into the Super Bowl.

Now, things seem to have changed. It’s not about the 4-13 Jets against the Super Bowl Bengals anymore.

Instead, it’s 1-1 the Jets, who took a stunning win in Week 2, and conceded the desperate Bengals 0-2 at home, with a clear chance of winning.

How true is this perception?

It’s real, but while the Bengals have been bad and the Jets really match them well, Cincy still has star QB in Joe Burrow. This balances everything.

Also, the Bengals will play with a stark sense of urgency, knowing that it is difficult to recover from a 0-3 start.

However, given how the two teams play out, New York has a real chance of upsetting the Bengals at home and reaching 2-1.

Below, I’ll explain why the Jets match up so well with the Bengals, on either side of the ball.


If you have watched 19 matches of Robert Saleh I already realized that there was a clear path to gaining yards against planes.

Screens, gaps and isolation of traffic catchers on LBs and New York vaults do the trick.

That’s why Brown moved the ball at will against New York: They ran it a lot, countered the aggressive DL with clever screen passes, and isolated pass catchers on the inner defenders (the linebacker) early on. that simple.

Although it’s simple, not every team will play the Jets like this. Not every attacker has Brown’s talent along the offensive line, and not every offensive coordinator wants to run his attack midfield.

The Bengals – the lucky Jets – do the exact opposite of what the Browns do.

First, they don’t have nearly the same talent as OL. While Cleveland arguably has the best unit in the league up front, Cincinnati may currently have the worst. OL coach Frank Pollack, though respected throughout the league, had a brief stint with the Jets under Adam Geese, and things also didn’t go smoothly.

Given their weakness in the OL, it is difficult for the Bengals to put things on the ground, which already bodes well for the Jets’ defense line as they will be able to attack “more freely”. The risk of playing with movement will not be as present.

Then the Bengals turn to their scrolling game. They also do the opposite of what normally hurts airplanes.

Sensei lives across the ocean, with great receivers Ja’Marr Chase and Tee Higgins. The defensive power of the Jets is there, with their backs in the corner DJ Red And the Ahmed “Sauce” Gardner.

While it would be Reed and Gardner’s biggest test, it’s not easy to create big plays on airplanes through the outside.

First, because of the scheme: planes have their corners that cover a deep third or fourth of the field most of the time (first and second down).

Second, because of talent.

When you’re in the man, it’s easy for offenders to shy away from Sauce and Reed and bet on matches against New York safety and linebackers. Brown did it, if anyone remembers, by lining up the Amari Cooper inside in the 3rd downs (he overpowered Tony Adams on one of those).

However, I don’t think Team Bengal will do that. They will try to conquer the large arenas outside, which is the most difficult path against the Jets’ defense.

Also, given Burrow’s desire to push the ball out (which usually takes longer to develop) behind such a faltering offensive line, this game could be the perfect scenario to break through the Jets’ defensive line.

He has Cincy Burrow, who can make things happen, but it’s up to the Jets to show that their “boring” defensive scheme can take over when the perfect situation manifests itself.

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in This week’s sidearm sessionI emphasized how this aircraft attack was built to overcome area defenses through several hi-lo concepts.

Against Browns, who run a zone-heavy defense with little to no camouflage, the Jets were able to move the ball through the air simply by executing the essence of their passing attack.

Looking back at the Ravens, it’s easy to spot how Ravens’ coverage shook (besides the dash of scrolling) Joe FlaccoA timer with its own receivers.

In a weak but fair comparison, it’s fair to say that Bengals’ defensive scheme is closer to Brown than The Ravens, which bodes well for New York.

Cincy still spins after the snap, often showing two high safety profiles (quarters or cover 2), and brings one of her safes after the snap to cover the intermediate area of ​​the field (in what is commonly called cover buzz 3).

However, the bottom line is that Sensei doesn’t have the strong passing rush that Baltimore and Cleveland have.

Combine that with the heavy area scheme, the jets should have chances on the field and should be able to move the ball well.

to remember, Mike White They threw 405 yards and 3 touchdowns against this team, after Michael Carter and Jamison Crowder as team leaders at receptions and arenas.

On the ground, while Cincy has some good beef up front (DT BJ Hill comes to mind), the Jets’ offensive streak was able to push through in the team’s first two games.

Schematically, Cincinnati doesn’t blitz (I haven’t seen it yet), and trusts the DL to keep the ground – which is also a good sign.

All things considered, the Jets’ attack should be able to move the ball really well, and who knows, maybe get some explosive plays in their game.

quick thoughts

  • George Fant He has an interesting match against Trey Hendrickson. Fant hasn’t been great yet, but I think Hendrickson is the kind of rushing pass he’ll be able to contain, given his limited power.
  • It will be interesting to watch Sauce Gardner take on Ja’Marr Chase, especially in those third moments in the men’s cover. The novice will have his hands full.
  • This was said by Robert Saleh Carl Lawson “It’s still heating up.” This is also my impression. Perhaps facing his former team will ignite an additional fire and appear in a big way on Sunday.
  • I think both jet-backs will have a great game catching up with football. There will be plenty of space under it to work.

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