QB Wilson flies until at least week four, Flacco . begins

FLOREHAM PARK, NJ (AFP) – Joe Flacco will meet the New York Jets against his former team. There will likely be a few opponents then.

Coach Robert Saleh announced Wednesday that Flacco will start playing midfield in Sunday’s season opener against the Baltimore Ravens in place of the injured Zach Wilson – who will likely be out until week four in Pittsburgh.

Flacco’s start this week isn’t unexpected, as he’s seemed to be heading this way for a few weeks. But the announcement that the match against the Steelers on October 2 would likely see Wilson return “closer” to a knee injury came as a surprise.

“Now, can it change? Surely, I will always leave that door open,” said Saleh. “You guys know me, I am the eternal optimist. But we will make sure that both mind and body account for 110% and make sure we are doing it right.

“And we feel like, talking to doctors and everyone else, this is going to be Pittsburgh week.”