Preview of Chicago White Sox 2022 Arizona Fall League

The Arizona Fall League nominees have been decided, and the Chicago White Sox will send seven prospects to the desert. There seem to be several potentially interesting options for the organization to send this year, but the franchise usually beats its own drum and 2022 is no different. Chris Getz and his buddies chose to leave their best prospects to finish the season in Birmingham and conclude with The Baron. It could be argued that players like Oscar Colas, Lenin Sosa and Norge Vera could benefit from the show but the White Sox clearly have different ideas.

The Arizona Fall League Play begins on October 3, and some of the best secondary talent in the sport will be showcased. Sixteen possibilities are currently stationed on Top 100 Lists in MLB Pipeline You will participate in the festivities. Jordan Walker of the St. Louis Cardinals, Jordan Lawlar of the Arizona Diamondbacks, Noelfi Marty of the Cincinnati Reds and Henry Davis of the Pittsburgh Pirates are the biggest names involved. Others such as Jason Dominguez of the New York Yankees, Brennen Davis of the Chicago Cubs and Matt McClain of the Diamondbacks will also be shown.

The annual Fall Stars game will take place on November 6 in Sloane Park, and for the first time ever, there will be a home derby taking place the day before. The NFL Championship game will be played in Salt Riverfields on November 12. The new rules that will be introduced in Major League Baseball for 2023 will be in effect this fall as well. Pitch clock, bigger rules, and change constraints can add an interesting wrinkle to work. The league will also use the Automatic Ball-Strike system at Salt River and Chase Playground.

The Fall League is considered to have finished the school for the best potential players in most cases, and many top players have played at the highest level of the league’s sport over the years. The league is made up of six clubs and five major league organizations that send up to seven prospects to fill out their club rosters. Here are the affiliations for the 2022 season:

Glendale Desert Dogs: Brewers, Dodgers, Reds, Twins, White Sox
Mesa Solar Sox: Athletics, Cubs, Marlins, Rice, Yankees
Peoria javelinas: Guardians, Sailors, Mets, Citizens, Padres
Salt River Rafter: Blue Jays, Cardinals, D-appears, Rockies, and Tigers
Scottsdale hands: Angels, Braves, Giants, Orioles, Red Sox
Saguaros surprise: Astros, Phyllis, Pirates, Rangers, Royals

How do teams decide which players to send to the NFL?

Besides the standard rule of being in Double-A or above, here are a few reasons why clubs usually put players on a fall show:

  • Key prospects who missed time due to injury
  • Junior contestants with imminent or impending deadlines in relation to the 40-player roster or eligibility under Rule 5
  • Players that the team wants to reveal better opposing talents
  • Show talent to the rest of the league as potential commercial bait

The White Sox don’t send their best prospects into the Arizona Fall League, but Birmingham Barons captain Justin Gershel will run the Glendale Desert Dogs. The 32-year-old is a rising star in the coaching industry and is currently completing his second year at Magic City. He could be a top league manager in the near future and with the uncertainty of the big league in Chicago, that’s a story worth watching over the winter.

As for the players, read on to learn more about who they are, why the Sox are sending them to the AFL, and what everyone hopes to get out of.

Moises Castillo, 23, SS

From: A player from the Dominican Republic was signed off by the St. Louis Cardinals back in 2016. He was left exposed in the Base 5 draft last year and was picked up by the White Sox during the minor league stage. The 6-1, 170-pound pestle played primarily a short game this year, throwing and hitting with his right hand. Castillo deployed 107 wRC+ with .388 OBP at Winston-Salem with Dash to start the year. Known for his defensiveness, the player mostly struggled in 62 games in Double-A but recorded a 12 percent walk rate with The Baron.

Why: Castillo is Rule 5 qualified in December but this also gives the organization another chance to see him against better players. It can profile as a utility type below the line but it’s a crowded picture of the white floors in the upper two minors.

what or what: Discipline and defensiveness are two of Castillo’s most notable traits. He has to lower his blows unless he encounters more game power somehow along the way. Playing with Desert Dogs will be difficult and it will be interesting to know how much the priority is

Declan Cronin, 24, RHP

From: The 24-year-old right-hand man applied to Triple-A in 2022 and was promoting the Charlotte Knights movie. Picked 6-4, 225 pounds in the 36th round of the 2019 draft. Cronin posted a 3.52 ERA with the Knights after posting a 3.86 ERA for the Barons. He presents a glimpse of himself as a savior and although his items have appeared recently, he hasn’t put out huge numbers to strike at the high minors.

Why: Cronin is Rule 5 qualified in December and the White Sox sees it as a potential relief option worthy of putting in 40 men in the near future.

what or what: Throwing hits will be important to Cronin. Continuing to go along with the improved strike rate may be the catalyst for its eventual reach into the majors.

Adam Hackenberg, 23 years old, C

From: He picked White Sox Hackenberg in the 18th round of Clemson in 2021. He hurt so much in college that the organization thought it was a deal where they were able to get him. The Scout Division is distinguished by its superior leadership skills in calling the game, defensive acumen and leadership. At 6-1, 225 pounds, he’s physical enough to handle the situation. Despite a 10 percent walking rate, he struggled with bats. Hackenberg has smoked seven hummers this year but only hit .231/.328/.343 with Dash.

Why: The White Sox likely feels Hackenberg would benefit from consistently hunting down the best shooters on the Desert Dogs roster. It can help the 23-year-old to be around some of the best odds in the sport too because he has the mental ability to handle the task.

what or what: Any offensive improvement can be tied to a small sample but Hackenberg has real strength potential. Constantly keeping an eye on any pitchers the support is holding should be something to keep an eye on.

Sami Peralta, 24, LHB

From: Southpaw drafted in the 18th round of the University of Tampa in 2019. The 24-year-old scored a 3.70 ERA in the Double-A while averaging around 11K/9 over 56 innings. The 6-2, 205-pounder displays a low 90 speed fast ball with a good break and is strong on the left.

Why: Peralta is also eligible under Rule 5 and the left assist is always a priority for the White Sox. The 2023 season should start in Charlotte and could be one of the following options if a big league team needs a left-handed savior.

what or what: It will be interesting to see how Peralta things play out against some of the best offensive potential in baseball. While the hard hitters need to be more versatile to take turns overall, success against left-handed hitters will always be something to watch with a Peralta.

Lynn Ramsay, 26, RHP

From: The 26-year-old Right was drafted into the 23rd round back in 2018 from Oklahoma. Ramsey is a massive guy who weighs 6-9 and 245 lbs. He throws hard but struggled in 16 rounds with the Charlotte Knights in Triple-A. Walk and strike reign with this big savior on the hill.

Why: Ramsey’s inclusion appears to be twofold. He was injured often and lost a lot of time. The Arizona Full Leagues will allow him some roles against the quality competition. It’s also Rule 5 eligible in December and the organization may want to take a closer look before making a decision.

what or what: Staying healthy is key to Lynne Ramsey, but if he is, a supply circuit may be beneficial for the right way forward. The White Sox is clearly fascinated by some fashion.

Chase Solesky, 24, RHP

From: The former Tulane producer was drafted in Round 21 by the White Sox back in 2019. Profiles 6-3, 200-pounder as a starting pitcher and should get that chance in the desert. The 24-year-old threw 110 innings at High-A with Winston-Salem Dash and scored a 4.24 ERA. Solesky made one start in Double-A with the Barons and hit eight hitters while giving up one kick he earned in six innings.

Why: Solesky is a starting bowler and he should get this opportunity for the desert dogs. He’s also a Rule 5 eligible and the White Sox can make a theoretical decision. The Right has deployed decent peripherals over the past couple of years, too.

what or what: Solesky needs to seem comfortable on the hill. He spends most of his time in the lower minors but has had some success. The posted items will be important but getting out is the name of the game and we’ll see how it does in Arizona.

Terrell Tatum, 23, OF

From: The 23-year-old competed in the 16th round of North Carolina State in 2021. The 6-0, 167-pounder displays solid speed, defense and powerful left-sided punches. Tatum was excellent in a sample of 10 games in Low-A to start 2022. He was promoted to High-A and played in 32 games with Winston-Salem Dash where he hit .255/.371/.418 with three guards and . 10 stolen bases. He posted 119 wRC+ and even broke America’s Top 30 Regulatory Prediction List.

Why: Tatum participates in the Arizona Fall League to make up for lost time. He has been suspended for most of the season after failing a drug test and his inclusion will allow him to have some playing time before next season.

what or what: It would be curious to see how often Tatum sees the Desert Dogs field. If he manages to play, his speed and defense may appear as both attributes should not be negatively affected by lost time. Tatum could start the 2023 season with the Barons in Double-A regardless.

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