Pre-season stats that can keep track of NFL action

The greatest thing about the 2022 NFL pre-season is, of course, the fact that it’s finally over. Very soon we will have actual stats from the actual regular season match. Someone (I hope it’s you) will win the opening week’s Fantasy match.

But before we ditch pre-season entirely, let’s take a look at six sets of stats you may have missed, which, in theory, might give us some clues about the upcoming fantasy season. We start with a newbie that was arguably the best gallery…

144- Baltimore Ravens tight end Possible Isaiah He finished his stellar preseason with 144 yards, the most of any player in the league in his position. He grabbed all 12 of his goals and gained 71 of his yards after contact according to the PFF. It was the closest thing to a perfect pre-season we’ve seen from anyone. Just look at this nonsense:

Not bad for a third day draft pick. It’s probably simply unstoppable all summer long. Obviously not much of a threat Mark Andrews, although he may have made his way into the conversation as the Ravens’ No. 3 choice receiver. Using it in the opening week is definitely worth watching.

137.5 – This was the pre-season passing rating given by Atlanta Marcus Mariota, who averaged 14.0 yr/a and went 3 for 3 in deep shots. We don’t actually want it to appear as a viable fantasy starter this year (it seems unlikely), but we are an act You need it to successfully feed both of them Drake London And the Kyle Bates. Mariota has never averaged more than 234.8 yards per game or 7.6 Y/A in any previous season, so at least a small jump in production would be appreciated. Early signs were encouraging.

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17.3Lance McCutchen, an uncut receiver from Montana, made the Rams’ 53-man roster after eating in three show games averaging 17.3 yards per catch. McCutchen picked up 15 of his 20 pre-season goals and led all players receiving 259 yards. It’s not a stovetop, but it’s 6 feet 3 inches tall with a ridiculous wingspan, and it specializes in contested fishing.

He had 63 balls for 1,219 yards and nine goals for the Bobcats last season, including a 5-106-1 performance in an FCS Championship game against NDSU. McCutchen would not be of much significance for fictional purposes under normal circumstances, but please remember that Van Jefferson Still recovering from the knee procedure and not locking in to play the opening (or at Week 2). If Jefferson sits down, perhaps a novice in the game industry will see the field.

10.8Mitch Trubesky, recently named to the Steelers starting QB for the season opener, his pre-season average goal depth was 10.8, one of the highest in the NFL. He also completed 70.6 percent of his throws and averaged 8.3 years. (Kenny BeckettIncidentally, pre-season ADOT 6.6 was a lot less aggressive.) We’re not trying to build an argument that Trubisky himself is a massively remade quarterback. Nothing that happened this summer in his 34 pre-season attempts could erase his chaotic four years in Chicago. But it’s definitely nice to have a Pittsburgh quarterback hitting the field, which, in theory, should benefit Claypool chase And the George Pickens. Last year, Ben Roethlisberger’s ADOT was 7.1, the second lowest among all beginners.

Mitch Trubesky doesn't have to be fancy for the Steelers to be a reliable fiction contributor.  (Photo by Joe Sargent/Getty Images)

Mitch Trubesky doesn’t have to be fancy for the Steelers to be a reliable fiction contributor. (Photo by Joe Sargent/Getty Images)

6.1 – I’ve definitely read over a million favorable things about a rookie Houston Damon Pierce, but here’s another: He averaged 6.1 yards after calling on every attempt in his 11 campaigns, which is ridiculous. Pierce, as you probably know, was never a fully-functioning guy at the college level, so his expectation to be a featured runner at every moment in the NFL is…well, it won’t. Rex Burkhead not disappeared. However, Pierce totally got the massive ADP bump late.

6 Atlanta for the first year in a row tyler lime He forced six missed tackles on his campaigns prior to Season 17, gained 68 yards after contact and generally passed an eye test. He also caught all four of his goals and found the end zone as a supporter and receiver.

The Falcons face a tough task in their opening game against New Orleans, but Allgier remains an excellent hider on the bench. The RB started by his team is a 31-year-old kick-back player, so it’s not hard to imagine a path to serious use for a novice.