Our Team’s Best Bets on Red Sox vs Yankees, Diamondbacks vs Dodgers, and More (September 22)

Major League Baseball’s season is coming to a close, but there are still plenty of betting opportunities as teams compete for the post-season. There are 13 games on Thursday’s playlist and our experts have found betting value in three of them – including a pair of bonus money games.

Our analysts targeted three games, two of which include World Championship contenders in Yankees And the Dodgers. We have a variety of bets for you because we play in a team the total And the first five roles money line.

Here are our top bets from tonight’s MLB roster.

MLB Odds and Choices

Los Angeles Angels vs Texas Rangers

pick or pick Rangers Runline
the book kings
jugs Martin Perez vs Michael Lorenzen
the first show 2:05 PM ET

Jules Posner: Martin Perez continues to orchestrate an incredibly consistent 2022 campaign. Although it wasn’t as good as it was in the first half, it’s still very good.

He will face the Los Angeles Angels lineup that has been struggling on the road against southpaws for the past month. On the flip side, Michael Lorenzen has struggled on the road this season. He has a 6.63 ERA with a 5.56 FIP over 38 runs on the road and will take over the Rangers who have been right-hand mashing at home for the past two weeks.

While the Rangers don’t walk at all, they are slowing down and facing a pitcher averaging over 4 BB/9 and nearly 1.5 home runs for every 9 on the road this season. Plus, Texas will face the worst game in the league.

There are several big edges in play for Rangers on Thursday and a running streak in the +140 range. The money line is a reasonable -145, but why not go big and risk the Rangers to cover it? Play on the Rangers running streak as long as it contains extra money.

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Boston Red Sox vs New York Yankees

pick or pick Red Sox o3.5
the book kings
jugs Michael Washa vs. Jameson Telon
the first show 7:15 PM ET

DJ James: The Boston Red Sox and New York Yankees have been some of the best right-handed teams lately. They will play in New York on Thursday with Jameson Tellon and Michael Wacha on the hill.

Taillon doesn’t walk much of a hitter, but he has a below-average exit velocity. Now, the Red Sox has 119 wRC+ off of righties last month and a .786 Team OPS. This is exceptional. They have an eight hitter with 0.320+ xwOBA in that time frame and most of the team is averaging at least 89 mph off the bat.

This does not bode well for Tylon and the Yankees. The Yankees were also slightly above average outside the bulls with a 3.72 xFIP. However, they do have their weaknesses, so the Red Sox should be able to handle some attacks late in the game.

The Bullpen Red Sox are too weak to fall back, so overtaking Boston’s total is the right choice in this game. Take Red Sox at 3.5 (-115) and run it to 4.5 (-110). You should hit Boston well with the Taillon on the hill.

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Arizona Diamondbacks vs Los Angeles Dodgers

pick or pick Diamondbacks 1st 5 Rounds Moneyline
the book Vandel
jugs Zack Gallen vs. Julius Urias
the first show 10:10 PM ET

William Burr: Sure, backing Zach Gallen with a +180 chance is tempting, but the Diamondbacks’ bulls have struggled all year, and it’s all too easy to imagine a scenario where Galen spins a gem and the Dodgers win late.

So since we want to support Gallen, let’s target the first five rounds. The 27-year-old right-hand man has shot to a 2.52 ERA with a 3.31 xERA this season. However, if we look at only the first five rounds, Gallen’s ERA is at 2.20.

Ace Arizona lights were extinguished in the second half. Since the All-Star break, Gallen has made an 11 start and is 8-1 with a 1.15 ERA and 0.71 WHIP. Simply put, Gallen is one of the best shooters in baseball, and whenever I get the chance to support him with extra money, I’ll take it.

Gallen has faced the Dodgers only once this season, and while we can’t get much of a start from late April, he’s made five over six innings without goals. In that game Julio Urreas Gallen opposed – his only start against Arizona – and fired six rounds of one-ball runs.

Urias will start facing Galen again and have dominated in recent times. The 26-year-old left-hander is 3-0 with a 1.89 ERA in September, but he’s been a bit better on the road this season (2.07 road ERA compared to 2.54 home ERA). While the Urias house/road differences are minimal, the smallest of ledges will help us here while we support the underdog.

Of course, the Diamondbacks don’t have one of the best offenses in baseball, but Arizona has been batting early and late and has advanced in five games in three straight games.

This opened at +164 and should be played as long as it contains extra money.

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