Oakland news A: Jordan Diaz makes MLB debut

Happy two nation athletics!

With that said, another prospect debuted in the league with an A-team in 2022, such as Jordan Diaz He was called up from Vegas to start at first base for Oakland yesterday Season finale vs the Astros. Initially pending upgrade was reported by Daniel Alvarez Montes at El Extrabase.

Mark Bolchuk at MLB Trade Rumors Post rundown In the history of Jordan and its characteristics. The 22-year-old signed with the A’s as a free international agent as a teen and has blossomed into a massive hitter, racking up impressive numbers in Double- and Triple-A this season:

  • Diaz, 2022 mil: 407 PA, .326 / .366 / .515, 19 hours

Diaz got off to a good start with this seventh inning single on his debut yesterday:

Bolchuk notes that Diaz is not well-established defensively but will likely see some time in the hot corner as well as first base as the end of the season approaches. It is currently ranked 8th among future prospects MLB . pipeline.

Make way for Diaz with his pose Ramon Lauriano On the 10-day list of injured people due to a strain in the right hamstring. With just over two weeks left of the regular season, Loriano could be well for 2022. If so, a season hampered by suspension and injury would end unremarkably with a .211/.287/.376 streak in just 383 games.

Welcome to Auckland, Jordan Diaz! Get well soon, laser!

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