NFL Trading Value Chart – Week Three Fantasy Football (2022)

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I used a file Excel Tool for Value-Based Drafting To generate the initial values ​​for this chart. The tool uses a file FantasyPros consensus forecast to set the values Based on 12 teams, the complete PPR League.

At the start of the season, I can calculate trade values ​​the same way I used to set auction prices. The values ​​in the graph do not completely correlate with the auction prices. I made minor changes based on my FantasyPros ECR, results from weeks 1 and 2, The remaining season rankings of the wolf, and my forecast analysis of Imagination Points (available every Wednesday). But for the most part, the values ​​below should closely reflect consensus expectations.

Even if you play in a snake draft league, using auction values ​​as an initial baseline results in more accurate trading values ​​during the season. Fantasy war Jeff Henderson It is a great metric that can also be useful to take into account when negotiating trades.

In the coming weeks, I will be detailing more highs and lows in the value of the trade. For more information on how to make successful deals, check out My Strategies for Negotiating Deals.

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  • I currently work as an accountant and have been obsessed with fantasy football for over 10 years. My specialties are auction draft strategy and discovering unique team management strategies to maximize your odds of winning. Thanks for reading!

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