NFL strength ranks teams 0-2

if it was Seahawks The score was 0-2, which it isn’t, maybe we’re arguing about how successful their season really is, drooling ahead on the top 5 picks, settling into a season of mostly developmental football, and rigorous rookie checks. In short, we will be a fan of aircraft.

And rightly so, except for a curious goal attempt and two delicious Uchenna Nwosu Expelliarmus at the 1-yard streak, we’d be next to the other NFL teams that were defeated twice. But since we’re not yet sauteed in Seattle, we’re enjoying a few more weeks of palm trees in the fourth quarter. Exactly the way we love Seahawks soccer: a little existential.

In the near future, it is one of the five life support teams in the league, which is Atlanta Falcons, who swings to Seattle for a meeting between two franchisees who know each other well. At least they used to, in the gritty days of Russell Wilson’s Matt Ryan duels. Before QBdämmerung covered both cities. We’ll get to the Falcons, but not right away, because – spoiler alert – Atlanta isn’t one of the best teams that didn’t win.

Admit this often: It’s a much more fun way to check out your bottom nutrients right now. Who cares if he is not defeated Miami Dolphin Is it real? Who cares if buffalo bills Opening 10-0 and making her way through the AFC to home advantage? Who cares if Philadelphia EaglesWinning frequency hurts a bit? Current and future Seahawks are currently with the franchises in pedigree, not the most garish or iridescent.

(So ​​far.)

1. If Cincinnati Bengals

Fun fact: The Bengals represented the AFC in the Stupid Bowl last year, and their roster is no worse. Sure, their flaccid offensive streak is still an issue this year, Joe Burrow is a spinning machine right now, and the spark from Evan McPherson’s leg is gone.

Not to worry, this team is still a playoff if they can split the division matches. Even if they drop to 1-4 after five weeks (they have the Jets, then two spoof Dolphins-Ravens steps) I love their chances. All the ingredients you pushed them across AFC Qualifiers Last year he’s still in the mix: Burrow, Joe Mixon, Ja’Marr Chase, second tier receivers who would easily start elsewhere, this entire line of defense from end to end.

Cincinnati has two bags and no objections in three games. Shortage of production is unsustainable. The takeaway will come.

Speaking of transformations, the Bengals were supposed to win a game with a turnover of -5, but the universe went into full Chaote mode instead. McPherson missed two big game kicks, an XP with overtime in regulation and a poor 29-yarder gimme in overtime. Then Sensei looked bad on the road in Dallas. Teams often look bad on the road. The Bengals are beyond the worst, save for disastrous health issues; Although it would take them time, they would come out of this small, self-imposed and self-drilled hole.

Final drop: 10-7, 7th seed Asian qualifiers.

2. The Tennessee Titans

There’s no shame in toasting Buffalo bills, unless you Los Angeles Rams And we have designs on iteration until the third quarter of the first week that brought you back to reality. The bills are good. How good is it, historically? About as good as you’d expect.

It’s surprising to see the NFL team waving the white flag like the Titans did when they pulled off their start in the third quarter from their Week 2 defeat. I’ll admit I was dumbfounded at first, but then I moved on to understanding the situation. The season spans 17 weeks, and the fourth quarter essentially becomes another 15 minutes of pre-season. Sorry if you have Derek Henry on your fantasy team.

(Secretly, and don’t tell anyone, I would have liked the Seahawks to be aggressive with their surrogates in wins and losses at the Russell Wilson Circus eruption, which is now located in the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History, next to other fossilized artifacts of a bygone era.)

Anyway, in the space of 14 campaigns against the Giants and Bills, the Titans allowed nine scores for a total of 61 points. Again, this is statistical noise that the rest of the season will cancel out. I find it somewhat unlikely that this Tennessee defense is the worst they’ve ever had, which they’ve put up since the first half against New York.

At the end of the day, Giants fans shouldn’t panic. The division is weak and the season is long enough to wipe out two early champions. Even Vegas still likes them to finish second in the division, with a probability of +170 for an Indianapolis chance of +135. I don’t believe in ponies, not for a second. Final drop: 9-7-1, seeded fourth in the Asian playoffs.

3. Las Vegas Raiders

It’s 2022, but the conquistadors haven’t changed the calendar. They finished 2021 by 65 points, made it through the playoffs when the Charger gave them a win in Week 17, outstripping their Pythagorean victory predictions by three.

In 2022, they’re -11 after a 20-point lead in the first half in Arizona – and an eight-point lead with zeros on the clock. They didn’t hold the ball (seven laps already) and their passing dash was lacking. Luck will falter, but they are in the toughest league in football, which won’t even come out.

Plus, it’s not like Josh McDaniels has a proven track record to count on. McDaniels is best known for starting 6-2 with Tim Tibow Broncos in 2009 and was destined to be the next boy genius, but has since gone from 5-14 as head coach.

This was a 7-10 team waiting to appear last year, and they might actually clash this year. Final drop: 7-10, no playoffs, nothing, no soup to them

4. Atlanta Falcons

There are reasons to believe that the hawks have crossed the corner. One point loss for New Orleans, four point setback in Los Angeles to start the new campaign — these are signs of life, right? A glimmer of hope for another fan base that has had more than its share of failures, right? Probably.

Atlanta’s defense ranks 24th in DVOA, 25th in yards per game, and 27th in scoring, and has a predicted -13 points in just two games while attacking and special teams are average or better. The problem is that in times of crisis, the hawks cannot rely on a good defense or a stud to lead the attack. They have Marcus Mariota and a coach playing so they don’t lose at Arthur Smith.

Mariota mishandled the snapper at 3 and 1 when the Hawks again needed down to kill the clock in Week 1. He threw the end zone selection into the last campaign against the Rams in Week 2.

Smith went fourth and third out of the 42 Saints after the third bog. An unpleasant decision, unless you try not to lose. Guess what happens when you play so you don’t lose? You know this.

People love to make fun of the Seahawks’ draft picks, but it’s not like other teams are always hitting the house, too.

The Hawks still sent out a below-average roster to fight in a center-heavy conference filled with respectable and dangerous teams other than the usual suspects (PackersAnd the pirate). Victories will be elusive.

The Seahawks might be the easiest game left on their schedule. No result between two teams building in 2023 would surprise me. Including explosions in either direction. Final drop: 5-12, fifth pick in the draft, ahead of Seattle

5 Carolina Panthers

It seems that writing three paragraphs about leopards is an exaggeration. Let’s do this in a search-free way and get out of here.

Do you follow cheetahs?

  • yes. I have Christian McCaffrey on my fantasy team
  • No, I don’t have Christian McCaffrey on my fantasy team

That was easy. Final drop: 3-14, probably the first pick in the draft

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