Next season of the sword reasons for optimism

In 2006, around the time of Buffalo Saber It was a regular rival team, A Chicago Cubs The documentary is called Wait until next year. The film chronicled the epic loss of the perpetual Major League Baseball franchise. On every opening day of every season, loyal, long-suffering fans of the team would faithfully relocate to Wrigley Field, telling themselves “It might be this year” and inevitably disappointed.

But in the end, the team turned things around. The Cubs finally won World Championship In 2016, which ended a 71-year National League drought and a 108-year World Series drought, the longest drought in MLB history.

Of course, the Sabers never won Stanley Cup. Buffalo also experienced the longest drought in NHL history. I’m not saying this is the year the franchise will finally end that streak. If I could accurately predict the future, I would be in another field of work. But there are hopeful indications that 2022-23 may be different from previous seasons. Here are some of those:

1) Swords build powerful depth

The swords were in rebuilding mode for what seemed to be an eternity. In recent years, the team’s front office has achieved more smart moves Unlike stupid decisions. Eichel’s trade for Alex Tuch and Peyton Krebs turned out to be a better deal for Buffalo, something many fans and critics initially thought was the advantage of Vegas.

Drafting strong talents like Owen Power and finally getting production from versatile players like Rasmus Dahlin, is starting to make an impact. Even deals that seemed lopsided in favor of the other teams, especially Ryan O’Reilly’s trade with St. Louis for Tyge Thompson, didn’t look that foolish in hindsight.

2) One Buffalo connection affects the hockey team

It’s rare for any professional sports owner to own two franchises in one city. Many fans have had issues with how Terry and Kim Pegula play both Sabers and buffalo bills. Critics feel the power couple should not control the professional sports scene in western New York. Despite this, the two teams face a lot of crossover.

Billing players go to the Sabers and Sabers billing players follow. The cooperation of the major sports teams is not limited to the players in the shirts. Even Sabers General Manager Kevyn Adams advanced Close ties with GM Billing Brandon Bean.

“Brandon and I have become good friends,” Adams told David de Cristofaro. USA Today Back in February. “We talk a lot. We bounce ideas off each other… It’s an incredible resource to have someone who’s been so successful in so many different ways at the things they’ve done and just chooses their brains.”

Taking advice from the GM that helped end a 17-year drought, it is bound to influence the way Adams makes decisions. Watching Beane, the Bills transformed from NFL laughter to Energy contenders. It was only a matter of time before the swordsmen would change their losing ways as well.

3) Sword players are excited to return to the ice

For a long time, many Sabers players have been skating across the rink during matches, juggling moves and letting their opponents dictate play. Now the team is full of players who want to compete, want to win, and want to play here. Recently, Alex Touch interview to me buffalo news Reporter Lance Lisowski.

After talking about what his summer was like, Tosh described what happened when he called fellow Cypress striker Taig Thompson. Touch noted the good things that happened to Thompson, most notably the birth of his son, and awarding him a new $50 million contract. “But after I finished congratulating him, he said, ‘I’m so excited to be back.’ And you can see the smile on his face and the excitement. Everyone is excited to get started.”

With this kind of attitude, in stark contrast to the muted sentiments of players in past seasons, perhaps the players on the roster will translate that enthusiasm into wins. After all, winning when you want to play is a lot easier than winning when you don’t.

4) New prospects are promising

Cypress New Horizons Show their skills at the annual Prospects Challenge at HarborCenter recently. Tyson Cusack, Matt Savoy, Lins Weisbach, and Philip Cedarqvist bragged their stuff against Montreal CanadiensProspects on the ice. Over the course of several days and through three games, the young Buffalo players outnumbered the emerging talents of Habs 17-10 and He won all three competitions. Jerry Kulich and Mats Lindgren were other new talents who shone during the challenge.

All the players mentioned and others who have competed are potential future Buffalo Sabers. Not all of them will stick to the Buffalo and some may not have a guaranteed career in the NHL. Many of these players will, and they can only add depth and skill to the team moving forward.

The Buffalo Sabers have made some positive changes in recent years. From better deals and drafts, to improved player morale, managers learning from other sporting successes and potential talent in the pipeline, this season looks more upbeat than it has in a while. Nothing is guaranteed, but this may be the year fans can finally look forward to and not the year they’d rather forget once April comes around.