New York Offense Bet Renewal (Wednesday, September 21st)

Pirates vs Yankees Odds

pirates Prospect +235
Yankees Prospect -280
Above under 8 (+100 / -120)
time 7:05 PM ET
Television MLB.TV
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On the heels of one of their most exciting victories this season, New York The Yankees will be looking to secure a winning streak over the humble Pirates on Wednesday night at Yankee Stadium.

Can these bats continue to bullish against ex-Yankees farmer? Let’s dive into this.

Contreras should limit difficult contact

The Buccaneers will once again be knocked out by Rawancy Conteras, who will start their 16th appearance this season.

Contreras was the headliner for the deal the Yankees sent to Pittsburgh pre-season for Jameson Tellon, and after some strong games in the minor leagues the Buccaneers decided to push him up to the big league level this season.

Contreras didn’t have the cleanest first full season in the majors. His ERA is 3.24 His ERA is fairly brilliant, but the core numbers are worrisome. It shot to a 9.8% barrel rate, well above the league average and a hard hit rate of 46.7%, which is in the bottom 3% of the majors.

It’s not as if Contreras have average or expected hits woopa On call, he was incredibly average in those divisions and he doubled it with a 9.8% walk rate and 20.7% strike rate, both of which rank worse than average.

The Yankees offense is back!

The Yankees went on to win games and hit the ball hard again, despite some injury problems that persisted into the waning stages of the season. Matt Carpenter is still in his walking shoes and DJ LeMahieu is still unemployed.

However, despite it all, the Yankees are in third place WRC+ Over the past two weeks with the numbers you would expect them to.

Still the New York elite in the walking and power divisions, Anthony Rizzo’s return with Giancarlo Stanton, who came back weeks ago, has turned this offense once again into the exciting factory we used to see earlier in the season.

One addition to this lineup that gives him some fresh energy is Harrison Bader, who debuted with great fanfare on Tuesday night and drove in three, circling around the base tracks to score a run.

Previous basics The midfielder adds up to a massive defense all of a sudden and will bring the quick and situational punches to a team that needs it.

Speaking of a comeback, Luis Severino will make his first start since July 13, when he was suspended for two months. The right-handed man finally started to look like him before the unfortunate Latitude Dynasty altered the course of his season.

While he might not get too deep into this start, we should note that for the season he’s been sitting pretty with a 27.2% strike rate alongside 3.07 xERA.

Pirates Yankees Peak

The Buccaneers have made 27.6% of board appearances in the past two weeks, sitting 20th in the World Aquatics+ Championships to boot. That makes a good match for Severino, and while the Yankees had to go a little deeper into Tuesday’s Bulls game, they should still have some capable names like Lucas Lutegg, Andy Peralta and Greg Weisert, who were not in the match. win over.

On the other side of things, Contrereas is in a brutal place given the fact that he can’t get out with blows and has walked a lot of hitters.

I think that attack looked good for most of Tuesday’s games, and after exhaling it should come out and take control of Pittsburgh.

picking or picking: Yankees -1.5 (-130)

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