MLB Strength Ratings: Blue Jays up; How dominant are the dodgers?

by Ben Verlander
FOX Sports MLB Analyst

We’re only two weeks away from the Major League Baseball playoffs, and there’s a lot of excitement throughout the league.

Not only are the playoffs races capturing everyone’s attention, but a lot of history takes place or is chased throughout the league as well.

We’ve run a whole series of historic local chases Albert Pujols Aim at 700 and Aaron Judge Looking forward to Roger Maris’ MLS record of 61 home shotsto me Spencer Strider Reaching 200 strokes in a season is faster than any other bowler in history, a record previously held by Randy Johnson.

Baseball is getting stronger now. Let’s take a look at which teams are the strongest in this week’s top 10 MLB power rankings.

MLB Power Rankings: Houston Astros & Dodgers Still Top Teams in Baseball

Ben Verlander gives us his updated MLB Power rankings with only weeks left in the regular season.

10) Cleveland Guardians

Since September 1, the Guardians’ win percentage has been pegged at 0.833 on the road to the best in baseball. Recently, The Guardians won 9 of the last 11 in the last time of the year. This week, they have a chance to really put an exclamation mark on the division with a head-to-head match with the runner-up Chicago White Sox.

9) Tampa Bay Rays

The Rays can thank their endeavors for being where they are this season. Rays’ starters have been dominant throughout the year, posting a third best ERA (3.39) in the majors, and Bullpen has been heavily relied upon. No team has gotten more roles from their folds than the Tampa Bay Rays. Now, they are sitting second in the AL Wild Card race.

8) Seattle Mariners

Sailors a legitimate competitor comes October because of their show. Since acquiring Luis Castillo, the best bowler available on the trade deadline, the Mariners have the fifth best start in the baseball era at 3.30. Pair a good show with a nail named Julio Rodriguez And you have a scary team.

Mariners’ Julio Rodriguez leads three reasons why Seattle can compete in the World Championships | philippines bats

Mariners' Julio Rodriguez leads three reasons why Seattle can compete in the World Championships |  philippines bats

Ben Verlander and Fox Sports’ Alex Curry offered three reasons the Seattle Mariners could rival, led by rising sensation Julio Rodriguez, a play-dominating crew with Robbie Ray and Luis Castillo, followed by their strength.

7) Toronto Blue Jays

Since the beginning of September, no team has had more wins than the Blue Jays with a score of 13. Their team’s .268 average is the best in all of baseball and they’ve scored the third most innings in that period. Blue Jays live and die for their crime. If the bats are hot, it’s hard to beat. For the past few weeks, it’s been super hot – and it’s been very hard to beat.

6) New York Yankees

Yankees season is one of two stories. The first story is the first half of the season, where for a while they were on their way to breaking the record set by the Seattle Mariners in 2001. The second story isn’t very exciting, and it started right after the All-Star Game. The Yankees went on their 50 worst game in more than 30 years. As for the third and final chapter? Time will tell. The Yankees have been doing better lately, and Aaron Judge has put the team on his back as he continues his quest for a home AL record.

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Shohei Ohtani vs Aaron Judge: AL MVP update as the race heats up

Shohei Ohtani vs Aaron Judge: AL MVP update as the race heats up

Ben Verlander and Alex Curry provide a weekly MLS Player update as Yankees MVP Aaron Judge and Shohei Ohtani continue to submit MVP issues.

5) St. Louis Cardinals

Since the August 2 trading deadline, no team has had more wins than the Cardinals with 33. They do so by jumping you early. The Cardinal scored 250 points in innings 1-3, which is the second best player in baseball. The Cardinals lead eight games in the division with only two weeks left. Time to start Albert Pujols in every game and help him reach 700 home points before the end of the season.

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4) Atlanta Braves

Since June 1, the Braves have run an impressive 68 to 28, the best baseball record in that period. They still sit second in the NL East behind the Mets and the division title is important – because it will help them stay out of the wild card tour. Whether they enter by winning the division or as the first wild card team, the Braves are one of the elite teams in the game.

3) New York Mets

The Mets are one of two MLB teams that have not lost more than three games in a row this season. Their division rival, the Atlanta Braves, is the only other team that can say the same. The Mets are scratching and scratching to stay on top of the NL East but that hasn’t been easy, as the Braves have played better than anyone else over the past few months. The Mets have been great all year and have a very favorable schedule in the long run, which will help them fend off Atlanta.

2) Houston Astros

The Astros became the second baseball team to officially slot their tickets to the playoffs this past weekend. The Astros continue to have the fewest employees in baseball. start led Justin VerlanderShe was exceptional, she sports a 3.04 ERA and is the second best baseball game. The Bullpen sports a 2.77 ERA, by far the best in MLB. Star attack led by stars like Jordan Alvarez, but the promotion is why the Astros are on track for the second most wins in a single season in their franchise history. There are only a few days left for the Astros to win the fifth consecutive division title.

Houston Astros clinch a playoff place: Are they the best team in MLS?

Houston Astros clinch a playoff place: Are they the best team in MLS?

Ben Verlander and Alex Curry responded to the Houston Astros, which sealed a place in the playoffs for the sixth consecutive season. Ben also talks about Justin Verlander who leads the show’s crew and continues the Cy Young affair.

1) Los Angeles Dodgers

The Dodgers became the first team to snatch a post-season spot in more than a week, and became the first team to win the league title last week. The Dodgers also racked up 100 wins last week after just 144 games. This is the fastest path to 100 wins since the 2001 Mariners did it in 140 games in 2001. Now is the time to get the job done in October, or else this season will be considered a failure for the Dodgers. World Championship or bust. They are just talented.

Here’s another great week of Major League Baseball!

Ben Verlander is an MLB Analyst at FOX Sports and host of “philippines batsPodcast. Verlander was an all-American at Old Dominion University before joining his brother, Justin, in Detroit as a 14th-round pick for the Tigers in 2013. He spent five years with the Tigers. Follow him on Twitter @Ben Verlander.

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