MLB Final: Giants lose final game of series against Dodgers 4-3 for 10th place

LaMonte Wade Jr. nearly finished a rain-delayed 4-hour, 10-stroke game and reclaimed the “Late-Night” title by taking on a Grand Slam dunk against the Los Angeles Dodgers – but his deep fly drifted to the wrong side of the sly right pole.

Earlier in the first half, Joc Pederson fired a 0-2 change to 415 marks in the right field that would have been Homer’s 3-stroke in 17 major league parks – but at the Oracle with the wind blowing, he ended up in the Mookie Betts gauntlet.

On day eight, with the runners in first and second places, J.D. Davis rips a fly ball to the right midfield that crossed 400 feet and was supposed to give the Giants the lead – but the ball landed at the base of the wall and slashed out into the stands, Thiero Estrada standing in third .

A very frustrating turn of events has occurred given the exact same thing in San Francisco four previous rounds. Wilmer Flores’ 27 double would have easily scored Estrada from the start – but she crashed from the rain-soaked grass in the stands and out of play.

Unlucky jumps, near bugs, high winds – so many things could have gone San Francisco Giants Road into the final of 2022 against the opponent Dodgersbut they didn’t.

As seductive as it is, it is better not to dwell on this. Bad breaks aren’t fair or fun, but they rarely tell the whole story.

The Los Angeles shooters distributed 17-3 hits to the Giants’ racket on 30 hits. After Flores’ ground base double kept Estrada in third, Andrew Heaney drew Evan Longoria and Joey Bart to lead the runners. LaMonte spread with loaded bases in the eighth.

As a team, San Francisco went 2 for 13 with the runners in the scoring center and 10 left at the base.

Alex Cobb was not dominant, but serviceable on the hill, allowing for 2-on-4 runs over 5.1 innings.

Scott Alexander, Tyler Rogers and Camilo Duvall pitched a 3.2 round break without goals while Heliot Ramos played decent right field, cutting a fly in the third to steal Tria Turner from the RBI weakness.

Trouble came to John Pribia in 10th when Manfred’s Mocky Bates doubled the sprinter to take the lead. With two naysayers, and Bates in third, he purposely walked with Freddy Freeman to take on right-wing Justin Turner, but ended up walking with him as well. The rules were loaded, and Brebbia was drawn for Thomas Szapucki, who walked Max Muncy in 5 pitches for the final win.

Close, In sports, it makes no sense operationally. 4 to 3 = 4 billion to 3. It was a better game than a lot of Giants-Dodgers matches this season, but the result was the same as most, finishing off a disappointing 19-game streak and one-sided.

Final tally: 4 wins and 15 losses. If this has historically sounded bad to you, it is because it is.

I will think of something else now.