Minnesota Basketball 2022-23 Preview: Jamieson Battle

(Photo: 247 Sports)

Almost every Big Ten preview will take place this fall Battle of Jamieson As one of the introductory offers for all Big Ten players in some aspects. Battle is one of the top returning scorers in the league and definitely one of the best shooters in the Big Ten. The battle was a great freshman year Ben JohnsonSo, what’s the next step forward 6’7?

Battle was a Big Ten Honorable Mention where he led the team averaging 17.5 points per game (sixth in the Big Ten). Battle also led the team in rebounds per game (6.3) and had 27 double-digit games, including 11 over-20 games. Battle played four double-doubles and had his career high of 39 points against Maryland.

statistically speaking

The good. Like we said, the team had the highest scoring at 17.5 points per game and rebounding at 6.3 in the competition. Battle played 36.7 minutes into the match and despite being constantly chased and denied, Battle fired 45 percent from the ground and less than 37 percent from the arc. He’s career 79 percent plus foul shooting and his career 36.5 percent three-point shooting average of 7.2 three times per game throughout his career (7.1 last season). As an average forward, he’s averaged 5.3 defensive rebounds in his career which is a pretty solid total considering the type of player Battle is (not someone who spends a lot of time in the post). Despite his transition from Atlantic 10 level to Big Ten level, Jamison achieved his highest levels of scoring, rebounding and blocking before a season. Battle has already played 2,750 minutes of his career stages which is a ton. He has been very solid throughout his three-year career.

not so good. We’ve just talked about the minutes played and when you’ve been playing close to 37 minutes in a competition at a high key level, you can dress up. Especially with all the burden that Battle took on last year as a top scorer. His free throw percentage dropped from 79 percent to 76 percent last year, his overall field goal percentage dropped from 47.5 to 45 percent, and his ability to finish paint fights dropped from 59 percent as a sophomore at Georgetown to 53 percent as a freshman. in Minnesota. Obviously, these are different levels of play, but the goal of Battle will at least be to get back to what it was at its peak in the A10 when it came to scoring across the board. The fight was still at the end, we think it could be better!

Focus on 22-23

between battle and Dawson Garcia I think Minnesota has two of the top ten players in the Big Ten. When the pre-season teams are announced (Lindy is already out and has Battle as a second-team all-Big Ten pre-season), I think you’ll see the Battle tribute where I think the media members will be pitting Dawson’s last six games at UNC against him in a big way (which I think it’s unfair). Jamison is in incredible shape and a lot of young strikers are likely to play this year with his size and weight. This will allow the attack to spread the field further and with Garcia around him and a lane like Talon Cooper feeding everyone, Battle should be able to shoot in more comfortable ways this year rather than last season. And with more space, you can only imagine Jamison being more serious.

Battle’s ability to use a screen to have a small window and utilize it is of a high standard. His ability to feel the heat and use that amazing stroke is close to Fauchon Lenard’s level for me. He’s good at getting away from screens, Jamison’s ability to use dribbling to detach or use dribbling to attack has improved every year and with Battle being in incredible shape compared to the past, this is only going to get better. He’s a good passer and a strong forward for a young striker and his defense has improved dramatically last year.

Battle of Jamieson He has the potential of the first team All Big Ten and if the second team doesn’t hit the All Big Ten this year I will be surprised. He has a special offensive talent and works as hard as anyone else out there.

stat line

At 17.5 points per game and with what should be a more balanced attack, I don’t know Battle will blow up much in terms of points per game but I think it could add a bucket. We can see almost 19 matches or 19 matches after. As a junior striker playing with Garcia and senior, I expect the six boards to stay in the game the same. With more guns around this year, with the PG focus being passed first, and with another year in the works, I’d expect Battle to shoot about 49 percent off the ground, 38-39 percent in the arc, and 80 percent on the wrong streak.

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