Minecraft partners with Frozen Planet 2, to unlock new worlds to engage young people

With the launch of Frozen Planet 2, narrated only by David Attenborough, BBC Earth has partnered with Maine Craft To bring different audiences together. After the release of each episode, which will air weekly, Minecraft Education has created five Frozen Planet 2 inspired worlds for Minecraft fans to experience.

Check out the Minecraft-Meet-Frozen Planet 2 trailer built here.

Each Minecraft world is inspired by the Frozen Planet 2 episode that preceded it, which features immersive landscapes and game-based learning resources so that younger audiences can get more involved in the landmark series.

As one of the best-selling games of all time, and very popular among younger audiences, Minecraft also has a lesser known educational version which is specifically aimed at providing educational content. This content is intended to help students learn about a variety of topics through gameplay, and the team at Mojang Studios believe they are responsible for using Minecraft to create a better world.

However, Frozen Planet 2 will be available in the Minecraft Education Edition, with over 26 languages ​​available and additional lesson plans for educators to educate students about our globally frozen worlds, and climate change. For those who would like to experience the worlds of Frozen Planet 2 outside of their own curriculum, designs for Minecraft Bedrock Edition will be made available for free, via the Minecraft Marketplace.

As for what’s included in the builds, players can expect to experience the frozen worlds from BBC Earth’s latest series; But they will not only explore different environments and strike blocks. Instead, players will be able to explore structures from an animal perspective for the first time ever. This could be a penguin or a polar bear, witnessing life from their own personal lens, or players could be movie-making researchers.

Each building will have different learning challenges to solve, no longer than 10-15 minutes at a time. In addition to educating those who experience the builds, its goal is to unite the younger and older generations who watch the show, and to spark important conversations about the topics covered each week.

Elizabeth White, producer of the Frozen Planet 2 series, shares, “One of the great things about the natural world is its ability to capture the attention of viewers young and old. We are excited to partner with Minecraft on this collection of educational computer games that will enable children to engage with the stories inspired by the series from As you play, learn more about the challenges of these habitats through additional lesson content.”

The first episode of Frozen Planet 2 aired on Sunday, September 11th at 8pm GMT. Could you Catch the trailer to view hereEpisodes will continue to air weekly, with new frozen Minecraft worlds being added to the Minecraft Education Edition and Minecraft Marketplace from September 21 onwards.

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