Michael Wang and Chance Kornoth star in Stairway To Millions

The Handed over to the millions For the first time in the first weeks of 2022 as part of PokerGO Tour. The series features a unique format that sees players who earn money in each event win a seat at the next event in the table with more acceptance.

This initial fest saw Nick Petrangelo emerge victorious in both recent events, winning the cup and $1.8 million in four games at the final table.

The second edition was recently held at the Venetian® Resort Las Vegas. This time around, a new wrinkle was added that saw the top three contestants in each event qualify to skip the level entirely.

The series was originally scheduled to include 12 events, but the last two tournaments were eventually canceled. Before the series concluded, many of the big names managed to put together impressive runs, including two players who each earned thirds. S2M titles. Here’s a look at the results for events 1 through 10.

The series began with a pair of $460 No-Limit Hold’em events. event number. 1 A field of 93 entries, building a $37,200 prize pool.

Most of it was won in the end Frances Anderson , Who ranked third this year World Series of Poker ‘Monster Stack’ for $449,912. He added another $6,702 to his career totals with this win, while also earning a seat in his pick for either event. 5 or 6, both marked with a $1,640 purchase fee.

Anderson almost fell backwards, but eventually ended up as runner-up No happened. 2, Who was carrying the same purchase. He added another $4,071 and an extra seat in the future, while being an eventual champion John Yelani He brought home $6,417 after winning 94 entries. This was his first recorded win in a live tournament.

Arch GroverArch Grover He finished third in event no. 2, and immediately turned around and took the following tournament on the agenda: No happened. 3. Grover was one of 82 participants in the $900 purchase event. He earned $12,510 and a seat of $2,740 in a number case. 7 as a hero. This was the third biggest hit of his career.

The Second subscription $900 In the table, it attracted 74 entries, with 2021 WSOP . World Series of Poker Tag Team Event Winner The Daglais themselves It comes with the title and top-paying $11,330 to go with its future entry. Frances Anderson secured his third place finish on the series final table with a fifth for $2,231 and a future seat.

Michael Wang Become the first player ever to win Handed over to the millions The nickname is in two different places when he took it down No happened. 5, $1,640 subscription. The two-time winner of the bracelet previously won a $15,000 purchase event during the initial run of that event, which took place at ARIA Resort and casino. Wang earned $22,986 and a seat of $5,350 at event No. 8 as a champ.

Michael WangThe next day, Wang again found himself with all the chips in the 2nd Purchase Event $1,640 USD according to schedule, adding $22,458 to become the third player in the series’ young history to win back-to-back events.

Three-time bracelet winner and world poker tour Chance Kornuth and the previously mentioned Nick Petrangelo achieved the feat during the opening Handed over to millions. The pair’s winning streak saw his career earnings increase to over $4.6 million, while making him the only three-time winner of the series. But that only lasted for one day.

event number. 7 It saw 92 entries at $2,740. In the end, it was only Corinth Chance who came up with the title. He earned $45,373 and a seat in the $10,400 buy event. He also joined Wang as the second player in three wins Handed over to the millions tournaments.

This was his fourth overall title of the year, with seven matches finished on the final table and nearly $2 million so far POY profits. As a result, Kornuth moved to 16th place in 2022 POY Race arrangement.

Cornuth now has more than $12.1 million in profits recorded to his name. Join him at the final table was the likes WPT Venice Champion Cheng Liu (8th), a repeat contender in the high-stakes tournaments Bill Klein (7th), High Rifle winner Victoria Lifshitz (fifth), and recent winner Sami El Deglawi (fourth).

Corinth Chance

The $5,350 Purchase Event Draw a field of 42 entries. Andre Butler He came out on top at the end, bypassing a stacked final table to secure the title, first prize of $60,945, and entry in event number one. 10.

It was the second-highest result on his championship resume, trailing only the $176,000 the Evanston, Illinois resident earned as a third-place finisher in 2021. Venetian DeepStack II Championship $1100 purchase event. Butler now has more than $400,000 in recorded earnings after beating the likes of Frances Anderson (5th), Adam Hendrix Ordinary (fourth), Michael Wang (third), and bracelet winner Stephen Song (second).

Michael RoccoThe $10,400 Purchase Event It attracted 18 entries, yielding only the top three for profit. Frances Anderson has just come out of the $50,700 effective bubble, and hasn’t been able to secure his fifth cash of the chain.

Michael Rocco He was the last player standing in the event, taking $87,750 in total payouts when he took into account that the $26,000 seat he won was converted into cash compensation after the event was cancelled. As a result, Rocco has now generated over $3.1 million in total tournament earnings. Adam Hendrix earned $63,050 in total payments as the runner-up, while Carrie Katz took third place.

The last event played in this series was A subscription of $15,800. The final trio of contenders got paid again this time around, thanks to a second straight field of 18 entries. Paul Zabula He earned the trophy and a high day’s wages of $124,500 as the champ. It has outperformed the likes of four-time bracelet winner Adrian Mateos (third place – $80,400) and Stephen Song (second – $95,100).

The PokerGO . Tour Now back to Aria to get poker masterswhich will include purchases between $10,000 and $50,000.

Here’s a look at the results from across the series.

Ladder to Millions #1 – $460 NLH

place player earnings POY points
1 Frances Anderson 6702 dollars 86
2 Wu Chu $4,255 72
3 Karapet Galstian $2,799 58
4 Danny Chee 1909 US dollars 43
5 Jerry Dababneh $1,352 36
6 Nathan Henry $996 29
7 Daniel Sebiol $765 22
8 Roland Israelashvili $613 14

Ladder to Millions #2 – $460 NLH

place player earnings POY points
1 John Yelani $6,417 86
2 Frances Anderson 4071 dollars 72
3 Arch Grover $2,677 58
4 The Daglais themselves $1,826 43
5 Victor Shih $1,295 36
6 Edward Jiang $956 29
7 Jeffrey Peters $736 22
8 Brian Frenzel $591 14

Ladder to Millions No. 3 – $900 NLH

place player earnings POY points
1 Arch Grover $12510 96
2 Wu Chu 7,898 USD 80
3 Roland Israelashvili 5,177 dollars 64
4 Cheng Liu $3,528 48
5 Darren Rabinovich 2,504 dollars 40
6 Michael Anderson 1854 dollars 32
7 Brian Frenzel 1435 USD 24
8 Jesse Lounes USD 1163 16

Ladder to Millions No. 4 – $900 NLH

place player earnings POY points
1 The Daglais themselves $11,330 84
2 Kevin Thomas $7,086 70
3 Elvis Thomas $4,616 56
4 Robert Zeidman $3,138 USD 42
5 Frances Anderson $2,231 35
6 Danny Chee 1662 USD 28
7 Yu Tang 1300 dollars 21
8 Benjamin Brown $1,070 14

Ladder to Millions #5 – $1640 NLH

place player earnings POY points
1 Michael Wang $22986 168
2 Mikael Andersen $14355 140
3 Ryan Laplante 9,340 USD 112
4 Cheng Liu $6342 84
5 Joshua Barrera $4,502 70
6 Charles Kabobianko $3,349 56
7 Victoria Lifshitz $2,616 42
8 Maria Konnikova $2,152 28

Ladder to Millions #6 – $1640 NLH

place player earnings POY points
1 Michael Wang $22458 168
2 Frederick Heller $14,044 140
3 Kenny Huynh 9149 USD 112
4 Stephen Song $6220 84
5 Fred Tada $4,422 70
6 Brett Kennedy $3,293 56
7 Costas Calatakis $2,576 42
8 Landon Tice $2,121 28

Ladder to Millions No. 7 – $2,740 NLH

place player earnings POY points
1 Corinth Chance $45,373 324
2 Dave Lin $28,133 270
3 like Saechao 19814 dollars 216
4 The Daglais themselves $14369 162
5 Victoria Lifshitz $10,588 135
6 Wu Chu $8168 108
7 William Cline $6353 81
8 Cheng Liu $4,840 54

Ladder to Millions #8 – $5,350 NLH

place player earnings
1 Andre Butler $60,945
2 Stephen Song $35,850
3 Michael Wang $22,227
4 Adam Hendricks $14,340
5 Frances Anderson 1038 dollars

Ladder to Millions No. 9 – $10,400 NLH

place player earnings POY points PGT points
1 Michael Rocco $61.750 0 62
2 Adam Hendricks $37,050 0 37
3 Curry Katz $24,700 0 25

Handed over to Millions No. 10 – $15,800 NLH

place player earnings POY points PGT points
1 Paul Zabula 124,500 dollars 144 125
2 Stephen Song 95,100 dollars 120 95
3 Adrian Matthews $80,400 96 80

All images courtesy of PokerGO / Antonio Abrego.