McDaniel at Dolphins tackles Bills challenge, tight end issues

There is no tougher opponent on the Dolphins 2022 schedule than the Buffalo Bills, who are visiting Hard Rock Stadium on Sunday (1 p.m., CBS).

Coach Mike McDaniel discussed the enormity of the challenge on Wednesday:

“That defense, you know what it is. They say we’re going to take our guys and line up and play the same kind of defense against every offensive structure. They’re going to force you to make mistakes because they can go home with a four-man rush.”

And quarterback Josh Allen?

“He’s steadily become one of the best players in the NFL. You could argue he’s the best. I’ve seen him grow in Wyoming. He’s a giant and a giant arm. He’s had a stigma about accuracy that he’s getting better every year in his college career.”

McDaniel said he admires the work of Bills offensive coordinator Ken Dorsey, the former UM quarterback star:

“As a player, I loved him. As a coach, it was great to replace the person who replaced him [new Giants coach Brian Daboll]. The attack had a lot of success. This is a subconscious burden.

“He doesn’t just do what they did, which I respect and has some guts. He is locked into what the midfielder likes. There are different concepts week and week. I respect his authenticity of what he wants to be.”

The Bills have been the most impressive team in the NFL so far this season, winning the opening game 31-10 over the defending Super Bowl Rams and then blowing up Tennessee, 41-7, on Monday.

McDaniel addressed other issues during his Wednesday afternoon press conference:

He indicated that the team does not sign any of them at the present time The four narrow ends veteran who were called to practice on Monday.

“You’re trying to stand up to potential situations,” he said. “We don’t have a position right now. But we were close to getting one. You can get that done at the front end if we have more issues in the position.”

McDaniel said Hunter Long, who missed the Baltimore game with an ankle injury, is ahead.

McDaniel said Seitan Carter, who missed the Baltimore game because he had a concussion, is still on protocol but is showing improvement.

Dolphins only had three healthy, tight limbs available on Sunday: Mike Jesicki, Durham Smith and Tanner Conner.

Carter and Long did not participate in Wednesday’s training.

On whether or not his vision of the Tyreek Hill-Jaylen Waddle group came true:

“I wasn’t around a second [at that position of that caliber].

“What if you have two?” Exciting idea. I didn’t allow myself to hope that they would be productive in a particular game. If point-blank asked them if they were happy with the game, they would be happy to play plays but there are a lot of things they have to clean up, especially in the first half.”

“I don’t think it has anything to do with me,” McDaniel said of the Waddell and Hill eruptions on Sunday.

Bills often had a huge fan presence at Dolphins home games.

As for the large number of fans who will root for Dolphins on Sunday: “This helps the players more than the fans realize, it pushes them far beyond where they would otherwise go.”

When asked about his fashion statement during the games (he wears stylish sunglasses and a nice watch), he said he wears sunglasses because he “has sun damage in my eyes” and wears a watch because “watches are important for telling time”.

He said “I love shoes. On a certain day, I might say, ‘These look beautiful.'” I will wear these. Outside of those, I wanted to protect the retina’ and tell the time.

He said that Tua Tagovailoa’s winning of the Asian Player of the Year award was “fantastic… [one] It is highly worth it. It’s the team award. He’s done a great job dealing with all the things he can control and all the things he can’t control. [The players] They all had his back.”

Practice update

After Carter and Long, they didn’t train on Wednesday either: Xavien Howard, Terron Armstead, Melvin Ingram (maybe veteran’s rest days for all those players) and linebacker Elandon Roberts.

Recipient Cedric Wilson Jr. (ribs) wore a red non-contact shirt. His placement on Sunday is highly questionable.

This story was originally published September 21, 2022 12:23 PM.

Barry Jackson has written for the Miami Herald since 1986 and has written a Florida Sports Buzz column since 2002.