Marcus Strowman sees the Cubs as competitors in 2023 with the right moves: ‘We are close’

On his Twitter account during Major League BaseballAnd again while speaking to reporters at spring training in Arizona, Marcus Strowman He said it sweetly Kyle Hendricks He deserves to be the opening day starter this year, citing his overall experience and consistency with the team Cubs.

Hendricks’ superiority Corbin Burnswinner of the National League Cy Young Award, in the first game of the season. Justin Steel He threw five games without goals and won a match against him Milwaukee‘s Brandon Woodruff In Game 2. Strowman pulled off his first career start at Wrigley Field with a 3-1 lead before play faltered, giving him a no-decision decision as the Cubs settled on a winning streak rather than a three-game sweep against the defending tier champions. .

The Cubs managed to stay for another two weeks – remember that a 21-0 win over pirates On a beautiful Saturday afternoon in a friendly game? Before the sell-off begins, the trading deadline feels inevitable. While the truth sank to the Cubs, the bulls were eliminated in the first round of NBA playoffs. More than looking for the positives in September or focusing on the .500 record since the All-Star break, this is how to frame Jed Hoyer’s baseball operations division’s unofficial layout: The Cubs struggled to stay fit last April.

“I think we’re close,” Strowman said. “A lot of this is out of my control. Hopefully we can make some moves. I think we have a great core of young people, great guys coming up who will make big contributions over the course of a whole year. But yeah, if we add a few pieces, I think we can compete in the division right away.” “.

In the first season of a three-year, $71 million deal, Strowman adhered to his contract, which includes the bowler’s opt-out clause after the 2023 season. The main issue is that the Cubs couldn’t stand his absence. He went 18 days between starting in May while he was on the list of those infected with COVID-19. Then he spent a month on the list of people with inflammation in the right shoulder. He still leads the team in innings (119 2/3) and starts quality (nine) and remains one of the best pitchers in baseball. His overall contributions (3.76 ERA in 22 starts) have been equal to 2.1 WAR this season, per baseball reference, and are heading in the right direction. His performance since the All-Star break (2.95 ERA on 11 starts) has marked the hallmarks of the reliable, durable, and creative pitcher the Cubs targeted before the MLB shutdown.

It would still be a good sign if Stroman doesn’t make his opening day start on March 30, 2023, against the Brewers at Wrigley Field, considering Jacob DegromAnd the Justin VerlanderAnd the Carlos Rodon And Kodai Senga can all be available as free customers this winter. It should be a bonus if Hendrix relaunch his career with healthy health and a different off-season training program, making it an easy decision to pick the $16 million club option on his 2024 contract. It could be a luxury to have Keegan ThompsonAnd the Managed Zulai And the Adrian Sampson Available from Bowling as a multi-role reducer at the start of next season with Hayden WisinskiAnd the Javier the Lion Caleb Killian lined up the Iowa Triple Threat Tour.

“I think we could We have a lot of good options,” Cubs director David Ross said, emphasizing the word after a reporter gave an optimistic view of the upcoming season. Ross certainly wants to be better prepared for worst-case scenarios, and assumes nothing about shared choice in Drew SmileyDecade next year, he doesn’t anticipate a linear development path for the organization’s promotion prospects, nor does he hope for the best when the Cubs are on their way for a second season in a row with losses of over 90 and sitting on a great deal of financial flexibility.

“It’s hard to hang your hat on ‘can’ or ‘should’ or ‘maybe,'” Ross said. ‘I don’t know if Smyly will be here. I don’t know if (Wade) Miley will be here. I don’t know if Cale would be healthy. There are some question marks. The things we know are going to go (out of season) now (she) Justin Steele has done a really great job putting himself in a position to take turns. Obviously, Marcus Strowman did a really great job. You need to recover Keegan (from the list of infected). I don’t know then, right? I don’t know if anyone can talk about certainty after that.”

Since the Cubs love to talk about their infrastructure, how about targeting a little higher with those reclamation projects? Instead of paying a bowler $5 million in hopes of returning to fifth, why not spend more on this one-year deal for All-Star potential? This type of riskier investment can end up being prohibitively expensive. Miley has spent most of this season on the injured list after the Cubs demanded that he be excused from waivers of reds And she got a $10 million option. But when it comes to contracts right now, Hoyer’s front desk cares about years more than dollars. The Strowman deal is an example of that philosophy. Miley’s injuries have also created opportunities for other bowlers who have made a good impression and will be counted on next season.

“We have a lot of young people,” Strowman said. “It’s great for them to get their feet wet, stand up here at the big league level and really get good reps, because that’s the best way to enhance your development, and perform at that level. So yeah, I think once you make some adjustments around that core group of Guys – and then you have those guys who can fill in the roles as well – we can be a great team and compete with anyone.”

see how Jordan Montgomery He excelled at basics Since the mid-season trade of Yankees The American Eastern Grinding Association. Jameson Telon Not a fixture in the first game in New York, but perhaps he would likewise benefit from a return to NL Central. Taillon – Pittsburgh’s No. 2 pick in the 2010 MLB Draft which also saw Bryce Harper And the Mane Machado Taken in the top three selections – She’s made 58 starts for the Yankees (21-11, 4.17 ERA) in the past two years and is in a position to become a free agent for this season.

Just like Cubs will be partnering with all-star shorts in free agency because this group is so deep and the need for sports in the middle is so obvious, there will be interesting pitchers outside of the biggest names like Verlander and deGrom. Shawn Mind Contains 5.18 ERA of parents So far this season, but maybe the Cubs see something they can unlock in a left-handed 6-foot-5 who has the talent to be drafted into the first round and trade off Kansas City For Auckland in the Ben Zobrist deal. As recently as last season, Manaea made 32 starts for the A, which is 179 round 1/3 and posted a 3.91 ERA.

“This year has certainly emphasized the need for real depth,” Hoyer said. “That was our focus in player development and exploration, to build as many players as possible. You want to have guys who can be beginners. You want to have guys who can be multi-role dwellers. That seems to be the way the game goes, In terms of the need for players who can come out from both sides of the board, and the need for players who can throw multiple turns.

“We were really challenging this year, at times, when our juniors started. I think you would be wrong if you didn’t look at that and think: Where are we going? You don’t have enough promotion.”

Strowman takes a look at Wrigley Stadium and sees the potential of what next year could be with throngs of 40,000 fans watching meaningful matches in September.

“It would be unbelievable,” Strowman said. “It’s been unbelievable this year and we haven’t rolled, so I can just imagine being in the playoffs, playing well in the season and having a chance to play in the playoffs. I think this place is going to be swinging. And I think this fan base deserves it.”

(Photo: Kamel Krzaczynski/USA Today)

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