Let’s see how the former Eagles fare around the NFL in Week 2

Week 2 of the 2022 NFL season was wonderfully chaotic, with a late game back and a spirit of competition already in mid-season shape. There were quite a few touchdowns and interceptions by the former Eagles around the league, and there was also the safety of Carson Wentz. Three former eagles have also returned to Philly for Monday Night Football The rivalry that engulfs the entire city.

Here are some highlights from the previous Eagles series in Week 2:

Leaders lose to lions

quarterback Carson Wentz he have a little I heard him crash at the end of the games, but he didn’t waste any time in Washington’s week two game with Detroit. With more than three minutes remaining in the first quarter, Wentz gulped in the end zone for safety.

Things didn’t improve significantly for Wentz as the match went on. He finished the day 30 of 46 (65 percent) for 337 yards and three touchdowns, with one interception and one stumble. He also received a beating. Quarterback was sacked five times.

The leaders lost to the Lions, 36-27, and they probably could have used DE Casey Tuhill He was sidelined due to a concussion in the first trimester.

Eagles former de Casey Tuhill He suffered a concussion in the first quarter, the SAF Jeremy Reeves Three teams made special wizards.

Agulor & Mills blast off for Patriot missiles

What a difference a week makes. wide future Nelson Agulur He didn’t have a very noticeable first week in New England, but he finished it with a big week 2. He picked up all six passes thrown his way for 110 yards and a touchdown. The landing was Nice.

In defense and safety Galen Mills He had a full day with six total tackles, one pass, and one interception.

Vikings vs eagles

You already know this, but the eagles have completely taken over the Vikings Monday Night Football, including many Philadelphia graduates who have returned to the East Coast. Linebacker Jordan Hicks only had three tackles, but he broke a pass and blocked his interception.

back corner chandon sullivan He got his first start to the season against his former team, staying on the field for 93 percent of defensive shots, logging three tackles total.

And then there was Galen Rigor Who knew what would come the second time he saw a Vikings creek. The wide receiver demanded more when he took the field in special teams to the chorus of boos – to be amazed at gullibility, and therefore does not understand why. Rigor got his first (10) attacking shots for the Vikings this week, making one catch from 7 yards and one carry 17 yards, plus two returns from gambling for five total yards.

Jordan Boyer gets a second IQ

After the first week, the bills were restructured Jordan BoyerHe even had more incentives at stake. He wasted no time trying to collect, adding his second interception in the most number of games Monday night against the Titans.

Flacco finally wins for the planes

With Zach Wilson still coming back from a knee injury, the Jets have counted on it Joe Flacco – Which is a bit risky. They didn’t win in the first week, but they managed a huge comeback late in the game on Sunday against Brown, to win by one point, 31-30. Flacco finished the day 26 of 44 (59 percent) for 307 yards and four touchdowns, with one touchdown.

Other notables

  • safety Will Parks The Jets active roster was signed last week, and DE Stephen means (Crows), CB Daryl Worley (Crows) and WR Kracraft River Dolphins have been raised for game day.
  • Raheem Mostert She definitely made it back to the Dolphins, with 11 holds for 51 yards, as well as three catches for an extra 28 yards against the Ravens. To defend Miami, linebacker Duke Riley He had four full interventions, safety Eric Rowe Six, all single, wizards.
  • Coach Doug Pederson Led the Jaguars to their first lockout win since 2018 Frank Reich The Colts, 24-0.
  • After only getting two defensive shots in the first week, it’s safety Rodney McLeod He saw 49 percent of Sunday’s defensive picks for the Colts, and made 6 total saves.
  • tight end Zach Ertz He led the Cardinals’ attack with 8 catching on 11 goals for 75 yards.
  • The Denver Broncos beat the Houston Texans, 16-9, and there were previously Eagles on both sides. LBronco, LB Alex Singleton He has 5 tackles and 2 break-ups, and the playmaker is CB Ronald Darby He got one tackle and one defensive pass. for Texan, LB You are Groger Hill Finished the day with 5 total interventions, playmaker CB Tremon Smith One kick back for 22 yards, the gamble Cameron Johnston Five shells for a distance of 268 yards and a length of 64 yards.
  • wide future Mac Hollins I got more excitement in Week 2 for the Raiders, making 5 catches on 8 targets for 66 yards. It was similar to a wide receiver DeAndre Carter With the Chargers, who finished the day with 3 grabs for 55 yards, plus two kickbacks for 43 yards, and two shootouts for 17 yards.