Justin Turner, Max Muncie beat The Giants

Dodgers She was a little hot under the collar through four innings against San Francisco Giants On Wednesday, and it had nothing to do with the scorching 99-degree temperature in the first pitch.

The most prolific attack in baseball failed to score despite bases loading with no second-half teams, placing two in third and two in fourth, and the Dodgers now uninjured on six strokes with the sprinters. In the scoring center, eight key players are stranded.

Four runs of frustration gave way to two rounds of anger, Justin Turner Homer was crushed by three runs in the fifth and Max Muncie Homer slapped three runs in the eighth four-stroke, as the Dodgers made their way to 7-3 victory In front of a crowd of 39,237 sunny with visors in Chavez Raven.

Clayton Kershaw looked sharp on his second start since returning from his last back injury, giving up two rounds and five strokes, hitting eight and not walking in six to help the Dodgers (94-42) reduce their magic number to seal their ninth. Western National League title in 10 years to six.

The Dodgers have won two of three games in a series in which 16 referees balls have been hit — nine by the Giants, seven by the Dodgers — and 28 out of 30 have been hit by the long ball.

“Everyone who’s played here knows that at night, when the weather gets cold, it’s a very difficult place to get to,” said Muncy, who has three wrecks and six RBI’s in his last two games. “When the weather is still warm, it’s fun to get here. With three numbers [temperatures]The ball was definitely flying.”

Homer Muncie VIII, who followed Austin Barnes’ solo, tie-breaker duo Tria Turner and Freddy Freeman, traveled 381 feet into right field and converted the 4-3 Dodgers’ lead into a 7-3 advantage.

But it was a 10-foot-high collector by the left-handed battingler who helped swing momentum toward the Dodgers.

San Francisco took a 2-0 lead in fifth when Mike Jastrzymski and David Villar led the center slide, 2 and 2 from Kershaw for a two-run race to the right of center.

The Dodgers responded with a three at the bottom of fifth when Freeman singles out, Muncy overcame a floor shift with a collector who traveled 10 feet in the air before skipping third base, and Justin Turner drove Homer from three runs to center.

“Back at the start of the year, Doc wanted us to play the game more,” Muncie said, referring to manager Dave Roberts. “This was the position where she had just presented herself. They had given up the first degree of beating [the left side]. At that point in the game, it made sense to do so.”

Muncy has been chasing twice for piercing hits this season, but it’s not his forte. He has had no sacrifice in 690 league games over seven years.

Dodgers designated Hooter Max Munsey watches his three-round home run against the San Francisco Giants during the eighth inning at Dodger Stadium.

(Marcio Jose Sanchez/The Associated Press)

“Everyone thinks it’s easy to do, right?” Kershaw said. “You see the transformation there, but it’s not that easy, especially when you don’t do it often. That was a great play for Max over there. It obviously made JT into a big place for us.”

Turner got into the clutch, reached a 1 and 2 break below the hit area and lifted him over the wall in the left center to make a 3-2 lead. The third baseman hits .441 (26 vs. 59) by 1.229 on base plus percentage slow, three teammates, eight doubles and 15 RBI during a 16-game hitting streak.

“Yeah, it’s impressive,” Kershaw said of the Dodgers’ counter-batting abilities. “Our guys do a great job hitting situations and getting big hits when we need them.”

Homer Villar’s left Dodgers left Dodgers tied Justin Bruel 3-3 in the seventh, preventing Kershaw from winning, but Kershaw’s performance was very encouraging, 24-15 with a 2.01 ERA. In 56 games against the Giants, with 388 attacks and 61 walks in 377 runs.

Mixing a fastball that averaged 90.8 mph with an 86.8 mph passer and a 73.2 mph curve, Kershaw caused 18 swing strikes and 15 so-called hits between his 86 pitches on Wednesday.

The left-hander has given up three and six strokes in 11 out of two starts from the injured roster, struck out 14 and walked three times, giving Roberts confidence that the three-time NL Cy Young winner, who missed the playoffs last season due to flexor tendon strain, It will be effective in October.

“Absolutely,” said Roberts. “I feel strong. He didn’t lose anything with his arm because of [he was out for] Only three weeks. The way he threw the ball today kind of proved that.”

Did these two convince Kershaw that his stuff and his back would hold up in October?

“I mean, that’s a loaded question,” Kershaw said. “I feel great now. I feel good not to. So far, I feel great. I don’t expect that to change.”

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Left player Joey Gallo left the match in the fourth game after injuring his right elbow with a blow in the second half. X-rays were negative and Gallo was diagnosed with a bruised elbow. …Loyal Tommy Kanley, who has been trying to come back from a forearm injury that has kept him out of action since mid-May, made his first consecutive days of rehab assignment in Triple A, and all six 18-court hitters retired in both games. The Dodgers expect the right-handed to return in mid-September.