James Click discusses playoff decisions in the Astros match

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What the Astros have done in the past eight seasons has been nothing short of remarkable—seven trips to the playoffs in eight seasons, five MLS titles in the past six years, and a shot at their fourth season with 100 wins in the last five. Complete seasons and five consecutive appearances in the AL Championship Series. Oh, they also won three badges and the 2017 World Championships.

Now that the Astros . have Division title decided Looking forward to the best record in AL, General Manager James Click took some time this week to discuss their success and upcoming matches with MLB.com.

MLB: You still have six starters to choose from. How much better do you feel with the show you compared to the last entry in the playoffs when it was poor?

James Click: I think the fact that we send men with ERAs starts with 2 [Seth Martinez] He tells Minor Leagues all you can say about our width and depth at the moment. [Owner] Jim Crane likes to say that there are three things in baseball: pitching, pitching, and pitching. I’ve told him in the past that we have the first two, and we’re working on the third.

We might actually be in the place where I would say we have all three, but if you think about depth of tone, you get it, and it goes faster than you expect. So our focus area was certain to make sure we had the depth to traverse 162 [games] With the ability to also shorten our playoff roster and reshape our rotation and staff in a manner appropriate to a short run.

Looks like you’re going to have to make some tough decisions in the playoffs.

Well, this will inevitably happen, especially with ALDS rest days. We won’t need a fourth start unless we’re done in a five-game series, and so we’ll be prioritizing, over the next few weeks, to determine which roles the guys would have the most success and to test some players, perhaps in some of the roles they weren’t, because of the nature of the promotion in a short series.

as far as Hunter Brown What do you think of what he has done so far? What role can it play for you in the future?

We are still getting to know Hunter. He obviously hit the ground running. I think it was impressive what he did in his first two matches [and he pitched three scoreless innings in relief Monday]. It might be a weapon for us off the battlefield, it might be a guy who goes in one round, it might be a guy who goes through the order once.

We’ve definitely seen a divergence of the line between freshmen and softeners in baseball over the past few years, and I think it has the potential to help us in a variety of roles. It is up to us to figure out how we can best position him to succeed.

Rookie shortstop Jeremy Rock He’ll get his first taste of post-season, while taking charge of one of Carlos Correa’s greatest playoffs. What do you hope to see from him in October?

Well, the decision to include him in the taxi squad [for the playoffs] Last year was intentional, not necessarily because we expected it, but we thought it was vital to his education in baseball. Being in the dugout last year in the playoffs was a lot like going to high school baseball. Seeing him continue to mature, continue to adapt, and continue to improve his approach to the board has been one of the most positive aspects of our season.

You can’t substitute what Carlos Correa did at postseason for this franchise. …if we want to get this thing where we want to go, no player will do it. It would be a complete team effort.