How Dion Sanders Changed Football in Jackson State in Two Years

fortunes jackson state football The program changed on September 21, 2020. JSU Athletic Director Ashley Robinson officially announced the appointment of Deion Sanders. Sanders, a member of the Professional Football Hall of Fame, was taking his talents as a head coach for the first time to SWAC.

On the eve of his second anniversary with the program, Sanders thought about the changes he had seen in Jackson State (3-0, 1-0). It is fitting that two years under Sanders’ leadership come after a dominant 66-24 win over Grambling State on Saturday. The second game of Sanders’ tenure began with a 33-28 victory over Grambling State, JSU’s first win over rival SWAC since November 3, 2012.

“These guys we have in the locker room now have a burning desire to get to the next level,” Sanders said. “They take this game very seriously. They know that this game can save generations and give wealth to generations. They are serious about it, unlike when we first got here.