How close is Henry Davis to the show?

Catcher Henry Davis, the 2021 hacker’s first overall pick, has made a lot of waves in the Minor League system in Pittsburgh this year. Recently, Davis was named a Top 20 Baseball Odds of 2022, after being selected in the All-Star Futures Game as a member of Double-A affiliate Altoona Curve. The big question on everyone’s mind is when will Davis be assigned to the Buccaneers to get a taste of league ball?

Pittsburgh is rarely praised for decisions made by ownership, management or scouts, but Davis’ drafting may be the best decision the team has made in the draft in a long time.

In the short 2020 season, Davis separated himself from the rest of the class as he was already beginning to emerge as a sophomore in Louisville. In 14 games, he scored a batting average of .372 with three guards and 13 RBI, while leading the team in an impressive OPS of 1,179.

In his final season in Louisville, Davis recorded impressive numbers for a mass catch. Playing in all 50 games and starting 49 of them, Davis led the team with a batting average of 0.370 with 15 home runs. Defensively, keep evolving as well as subtract a better than 46 percent of potential base thief. Davis ended his career with the Cardinals after his junior campaign after being ranked in the ACC top 10 for batting averages, home runs, hits, and RBIs.

Then the pirate picked Davis with the first overall pick in the first year of 2021 MLB . ProjectThe organization quickly saw a positive growth in potential clients.

Other than a constant wrist injury that has seen him miss multiple times for short periods, Davis has impressed on the court. In his Minor League career, Davis averaged 0.271 on the board, scored 56 hits, 11 home runs, and 44 RBI across 59 games played. Additionally, Davis posts 0.989 field percentage in his minor league career, playing relatively flawlessly as he continues to develop.

The MLB Top 100 Predictor predicts that Davis will hit the show in 2024. At this point in time, Davis needs as much time under his belt as a full-time player for the Minor League.

Since he was promoted to Altoona Curve’s Double-A, his batting has gone down compared to his best days in college and the lower league. In 2022, he hit .364 in Bradenton, .342 in Greensboro, but slipped all the way to .189 in Altoona while struggling with injuries. However, there is little concern about this slump, as Davies has proven to be a hit.

In fact, now in good health, he’s been showing recent signs of coming out of Altoona’s slump, suffering two singles on his August 30 comeback from the hit list, while going four times and taking multiple hits, including a double RBI , the most three games on the 1, 3 and 6 September.

The biggest hit against Davis at this point is his slightly unorthodox batting stance, but he has proven effective. Davis also needs to continue his defensive development before he is ready to be a full-time Majors Tour player. With that being said, he has one of the strongest arms in his recruiting class, and continues to work to be an everyday player in the Major League.

It may not be today, and it probably won’t be tomorrow, but fans of Pirate and his ownership have reason to be excited about potential catch Henry Davis. It would be great to see him enjoy a healthy full season of Double-A ball, and a possible call-up late next season when the Buccaneers inevitably die in the water, so look out for the end of 2023 for some youth MLB matches. Davis has high expectations to meet, but he has the skill and the intangibles to do so.