First Appeal: Praise for the Steelers Lineman; Sidney Crosby and Marc-Andre Fleury reunited; New horizons for Duquesne football

Wednesday’s “First Call” contains some professional football-focused research on the Pittsburgh Steelers offensive lineman.

Ex-Penguin mates Sidney Crosby and Mark-Andre Fleury relive the old times. Plus, there have been some great TV reviews of those competing for the Monday Night NFL games.

And Duquesne has something to celebrate for one of her teams.

Daniels does the job

Chicago Bears guard James Daniels joined the Steelers with some acclaim via free agency this year. But he didn’t exactly get off to a stellar start In training camp or pre-season.

However, his first two regular season games were better. In fact, according to Pro Football Focus Pittsburgh, Daniels was one of the elite when it came to blocking the pass.

Having said that, Daniels suggested that fans shouldn’t take too many of these numbers because he thinks his play could get better.

“I had a lot of help getting the ban passed,” Daniels admitted. “I really didn’t block passes one-on-one in the first two games. It’s hard to get over it when it’s a two-to-one, so I wouldn’t pay attention to those things. But it’s something I wanted to improve.”

Quarterback Mitch Trubesky was out of pocket and making fairly quick conservative passes as well. So this helped Daniels and the rest of the offensive linemen. Daniels has indicated that he’d like to improve running prevention, too.

Daniels ranks 3rd on the PFF chart as a pass blocker and 41st as a blocker (18th overall).

binge games

Here’s how to perform this interference experiment on Monday Night Football.

The Bills-Titans kick at 7:30 p.m. on ESPN, ESPN2, and ESPN Deportes as well as the 8:30 p.m. start for the Eagles-Vikings on ABC and ESPN+ resulted in a significant number.

according to Professional football debateThe two games played simultaneously generated an average audience of 20.6 million people on all networks.

However, the PFT indicated that not all of the individual cleavages were striking. Titans-Bills averaged 7.9 million viewers, while Vikings-Eagles averaged 12.9 million viewers.

Neither match was particularly close. The Bills ended up winning 41-7, and the Eagles won 24-7. So the audience didn’t stay with the games that long.

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Just like the old days

When Marc-Andre Fleury was a Penguins goalkeeper, he became famous for it Pranks in the locker room. This tradition has not stopped since he moved to Las Vegas, Chicago and Minnesota.

On Tuesday, though, he got a chance to beat Sidney Crosby while his former Penguins teammates were in the locker room together for the NHL Media Tour.

Florey taped all of Crosby’s gear together and hid a glass of water under Crosby’s helmet.

Florey did something similar to Crosby Back in 2018 too.

pay in

A pair of ex-pirates competing with teams with playoff visions were dancing in their heads last night.

The Los Angeles Dodgers had two heads against the Arizona Diamondbacks. They won the first game 6-5 for their 103rd win of the season.

In Game 2, former pirate Tyler Anderson was on the hill. He entered the start with a 15-3 record, but the DBacks won 5-2. Anderson suffered a loss and allowed three winning runs in six innings. His age is now 2.52.

As for the Atlanta Braves, they firmly hold the top NL wild card spot and are just one match from the Mets at the top of the NL East. They jogged Charlie Morton on the pile Tuesday for a game against the Washington Nationals.

The former Bocuse right-hander came out with a 3-2 win. This would get a breakout berth for the World Series champions. At 38 years old, Morton has a 4.09 ERA that goes with a 9-6 record. He came down in the sixth inning and only allowed one earned run and crossed out nine.

Dukes for the first time

Duquesne men’s soccer team was just Ranked in the top 25 United Soccer Coaches list For the first time in 17 years.

The Dukes are tied with Louisville for 25th place nationally in the September 20 poll. Duquesne was knocked out 6-0-1.

Duquesne’s team was last ranked in 2005. The 10 Atlantic regular season champions were ranked #24 in the November 8, 2005 poll.

This year’s DU team was the first in the program’s history to start 5-0. He tied the school record for most matches unbeaten to open a specific season in 2002 (5-0-2). The match took place later in 2019 (6-0-1).

Doe beat previously unbeaten Loyola Chicago 2-1 in the opening game of Atlantic 10 on Saturday. The 2022 Dukes were also ranked third in the Southeast by United Soccer Coaches.

Next, Duquesne is in action on Saturday, when they face UMass in Amherst.

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