Fantasy Football Week 3 Waiver Wire: Washington’s top three list of potential motivational additions to your roster

As Week 3 approaches, the leaders are becoming a fun offense to the Fantasy directors. There are several players worth looking at as options to compromise the wires, including Carson Wentz, Curtis Samuel and Logan Thomas, who can all be considered starters in the majority of the three leagues.

Let’s start with Wentz (68 percent listed on CBS Sports), who averages 34.0 fantasy points per game. He scored 35 Fantasy points against Jacksonville in Week 1 and 33 points in Detroit in Week 2.

Wentz has a tough test in Week 3 against Philadelphia and then puts Dallas on the road in Week 4, which won’t be easy either. But hopefully Wentz will rely on his weapons and be able to produce, even if he comes at garbage time.

With Dak Prescott (thumb) out and Tre Lance (ankle) losing this season, Wentz has a good pivotal role as a frontier starter in all tournaments. It’s worth adding up to 10 percent of the remaining FAB.

Antonio Gibson is the main choice in Washington’s backfield at the moment, but there are a couple of forward options to add concessions when available at Brian Robinson Jr. (63%) and J.D. McKissic (38%). Robinson can appear as a potential starter in the majority of tournaments when he is healthy.

He’s still out until at least the fifth week after being put on the reserve/non-football injury list, but continues to recover after being shot in an attempted robbery in late August. By all accounts, he will have a prominent role upon his return, and was expected to be at the top of the list of leaders in a row this year.

Robinson should be added now, especially if you have an IR spot, while it’s not on everyone’s radar. It’s worth up to 10 percent of your remaining first balance.

For McKissic, it’s worth adding all PPR tournaments for 5-10 percent of the remaining FAB. He just had seven shot points for 54 yards on seven goals in Week Two in Detroit, and 12 PPR points is something he’s capable of on a weekly basis, especially when the leaders are chasing points.

Terry McLaurin and Jahan Dotson are on the rosters for most leagues, although you can check if Dotson (79 percent) is available on some 10-team formats. These two are supposed to be Wentz’s highest receivers, but Samuel became very popular with the quarterback in his first two games.

Samuel (59 percent) has 20 season-opening goals and has turned them into 15 goals for 133 yards and two touchdowns. He also has five mounts for 38 yards. I’m skeptical about Samuel’s ability to continue with this given his injury history, but he’s still worth adding in all PPR tournaments for up to 15 percent of the remaining FAB. If this continues, it will be a must-have option in all formats.

Thomas (41 percent) should be considered as the narrow end of Fiction #1 right now, too. In two games, he has 11 goals to six, 82 yards and a touchdown, and hopefully he can re-create his 2020 campaign when he was a primary fantasy option in all tournaments. Thomas is worth 10-15 percent of your remaining first balance.

We’ll see how the leaders performed in Week 3 against the Eagles. But based on the first two weeks of the season, it’s worth investing in their players as high-quality fantasy options and potential starters in the majority of leagues.

Editor’s Note: For this exemption wire column, we’re only looking at players on the bottom 65 percent of CBS sports leagues.

Third week concessions

  • Injuries: Trey Lance (ankle), Dak Prescott (thumb) and Zach Wilson (knee)
  • Check to see if it’s available: Tua Tagovailoa (80 percent listed), Dak Prescott (79 percent) and Carson Wentz (68 percent). Tagoviloa was the star of the second week when he scored a 50-point Fantasy in Baltimore with 469 passing yards, six touchdowns and two interceptions. He has amazing weapons at Tyreek Hill and Jaylen Waddle, and things seem to be going well with new coach Mike McDaniel. Week 3 against Buffalo is a tough test, but Tagovailoa is still worth adding in all tournaments. In favorable encounters, Tagovailoa will be in mind as the No. 1 fantasy trail. … If you have an open slate and want to stock up on Prescott, it might be a good idea. He could be back as soon as possible in week four, and he could still play as one of the top 10 central midfielders in Fantasy this season. …see above for Wentz, who averages 34.0 Fantasy points per game to unlock the season.
  • Drop candidates: Matt Ryan (75 percent listed). I don’t want to judge Ryan at his worst, which was probably in the second week in Jacksonville when Michael Bateman (quad) and Alec Pierce (concussion) came out. But if Ryan doesn’t have weapons, the Fantasy managers need to avoid him, he scored one Fantasy point against the Jaguars with 195 passing yards, no touchdowns and three interceptions.

Week 3 Waiver Priority List

waiver wire

turn their backs

  • Injuries: Alvin Kamara (ribs), James Conner (ankle), JK Dobbins (knee), Elijah Mitchell (knee), Brian Robinson (knee), Dontrell Hilliard (hamstring), Tyrion Davis-Price (ankle), Damien Williams (ribs) Brandon Bolden (hamstring).
  • Check to see if it’s available: Nihem Heinz (82 percent listed), Isaiah Pacheco (74 percent), Alexander Mattison (73 percent) and Jamal Williams (68 percent). Hines should make roster in all PPR tournaments, and has 10 catches for 87 yards on 11 goals in two games. If the receiving Colts Corps continues to deal with casualties, look to Hines to see a spike in receptions. …Mattison, Pacheco and Williams are all lottery tickets, and that’s what I’ll be arranging for the rest of the season if I’m just looking for hidden candidates. However, Williams does have some independent value due to his role with the Lions, and has 23 carry-overs in two games alongside D’Andre Swift.
  • Drop candidates: Elijah Mitchell (72 percent listed), Rex Burkhead (48 percent) and Kenny Drake (44 percent). Mitchell was given a two-month schedule for the knee injury he sustained in the first week, and shouldn’t be on the list unless you have an infrared spot. … Burkhead played 71 percent of the picks for the Texas in the first week against the Colts and then 37 percent in the second week in Denver where Damon Pierce had a bigger role. We expect that to be the standard going forward, and Burkhead deserves nothing but disguise as the handcuffs of Pierce in the deep leagues. … Drake scored five PPR points in two games without the Dobbins, and now the Dobbins could be back as early as Week 3. There’s no reason to include Drake in any leagues.

Week 3 Waiver Priority List

waiver wire

broad receptors

Week 3 Waiver Priority List

  • Notable injuries: George Keitel (groin), Dalton Schultz (knee), and Brevin Jordan (ankle)
  • Check to see if it’s available: Gerald Everett (76 percent listed) and Tyler Higby (71 percent). Everett has emerged as a tight end to the fantasy must-have, especially with Kenan Allen’s knock-out. Through two games, he has nine catches for 125 yards and 14 touchdowns, and he averages 13.5 PPR per game. Everett will be the #1 screwdriver that can be added if available. …Higbee was a fitting choice for Matthew Stafford, and that should continue as long as the Rams don’t have a reliable No. 3 receiver behind Cooper Kupp and Allen Robinson. Higbee has 20 goals in two games for 12 catches and 110 yards, and averages 11.0 PPR per game. Higbee will be the No. 2 screwed-up end to be added to the available spot behind Everett.
  • Drop candidates: Cole Kumit (67 percent listed), David Njoku (44 percent) and Hunter Henry (44 percent). I had high hopes for Kmet this season, and hopefully someone we’ll say we’ll add soon. But right now, when he only has two goals through two games, it’s hard to justify keeping him on your Fantasy list. …Njoku showed signs of life in Week 2 against the Jets with five goals for three catches and 32 yards, but that’s now only six goals in the season. I was expecting him to get involved more, and that hasn’t happened yet. For now, you can move on to a more productive person. …Henry might get hot soon and start finding the end zone, but he only has four goals per season for two blocks and 20 yards. This kind of production won’t help you, so it’s easy to let go in the majority of tournaments. Add in this order:

  • Chiefs (21 percent on the list) in the IND
  • Chargers (67 percent listed) vs. Jack
  • Cowboys (59 percent on the list) in NYG

  • Ruby Gold (43 percent listed) in DEN
  • Matt Amendola (21 percent listed) in IND
  • Will Lutz (24 percent listed) in the Central African Republic